Thursday, November 30, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Runescape Tasks Past, Present And Future!

Last 5 Tasks=
70 Cooking (Done) Tied Directly In With Fishing, Although I Got 70 Fishing A Fair Time Before 70 Cooking!
70 Fishing (Done) Took A Few Weeks Of Hard Work At Catherby And The Guild, But Finally Did It!
70 Fletching (Done) At Times, I Was So Bored I Thought I Was Gonna Fall Asleep! I Tell You, 12000 Logs Turn Into Bows Is No Fun At All!
43 Prayer (Done) Quite Easy One This, Used Dragon Bones From Maging Blue Dragons To Train It Up.
50 Construction (Done) Lost Over 1.3m In The Process, Although Very Fun Skill To Do In My Opinion!

Current Task (s)=
30 Hunter (Currently 26) Golden Warblers Are Veeeery Stupid Birds!

Next 5 Tasks=
60 Mining (Easy)
40 Farming (Easy)
40 Thieving (Easy)
70 Strength (Medium)
60 Ranged (Medium)