Saturday, June 30, 2007


First of all: 200th post woot!

Anyway, I spent most of the £100 today. Spent £15 on Hot Fuzz and £40 on Simpsons Season 5. Had £45 so topped up £20 to my phone which should last me a while. Got £25 left now for whatever.

Just about got 92 fletch, but I still have to finish cutting + stringing these 5k yew longs.

Lots of full sets

Just got freaky forester random event which means I now have full sets of Camo, Zombie and Lederhosen! Only mime left! Just about managed to squeeze all 3 onto one line.

Now I'm off out to buy Hot Fuzz on DVD and have £85 left over! Woot!

Martin The Master Gardener

After I had been stealing seeds from him for a couple of hours, I started to feel a bit sorry for him. He has spent his entire life farming, so he must be very old because farming takes a while.

With the update of skill capes, he finally had a status, but now people target him to rob! His seeds that he has collected throughout his lifetime are being stolen from him!

The reason it is so easy to steal from him is because he is just a trusting old man. He has moved closer to the market place in an attempt to protect himself, but still he loses seeds. So, spare a minute to think about this poor soul.

Fletching Supplies

Finally got a longs - supplies trader. He was making up this fake story about how he needed the logs for his friend, so I just payed 50k extra, and it was fine.

Also, my step-dad gave me £100 for working at Glastonbury, so gonna go out and spend that later. Not sure what on, maybe Hot Fuzz and a Simpson's box set or 2?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky Trade / Name

Woaaah. Just met a guy with the exact same name as me, bloody ridiculous!

Also, a guy was spamming "Buying 1 earth."
I traded him, if only to shut him up. In return, he gave 37 nats!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6m Fletching Xp

Mu ha ha, I am actually obsessed, just passed the 6m milestone! Only another 5-6m... Sigh. I'll get there eventually though. By the way, I blacked it out on paint so you don't get confused.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Making Yew Longs

Made a not-very-good display picture for fletching. Although I will do other things between each level, it will be easier to just make one picture for all of it. I might do a better version soon, but it'll do for now.

Finished getting 50 slayer, and to be honest it was pretty easy.


For once, I have nothing to blog about really! I bought Scrubs season 5 the day it came out (Monday) and I've watched all the episodes and bonus features already. I lent it to my friend since it is his birthday soon.

I discovered my Phone's calender goes from January 1970 to December 2069. Also, my sister's summer fair is tomorrow, and mine is next weekend. Probably gonna go to both. Slayer is going fine, had a task of 12 bronze dragons but just skipped it, couldn't be bothered with all the hassle.

Might try and work out how to put posts into categories. If I do manage it, the categories will most likely be:
  • Runescape
  • Habbo
  • Other
  • Combination
Only 4 weeks left of school until 6 weeks summer holiday WOOOOOT! That means only 4 more drama lessons ever! I've stopped playing San Andreas for a bit and have been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 which is a great war game. Aiming for Legendary ranking in all award categories, only 2/12 left!

Not sure how Blogger does it, but it makes a small bit of writing seem like a lot, very strange. I'm also going to try and make pop-ups of html coding so that I can put links to imagemaps (Like corridor at bottom of page) on the same page.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Slay Thee

Made a new display picture for my slayer task. Not gonna make a new one for each slayer task, this is a sort of picture for the whole job of getting it from 45-50.

Also, in the future I am going to try to remember to put my website on the display pictures as a sort of watermark.

Tons of new updates

Taken directly from Runescape:

Going to write my thoughts on the updates up here.
Finally, a stringing animation + a "String-All" option! Fuck yes!!! Woot!
Seems my pet rock now has a few more uses, which makes it an ever-so-slightly less pointless item. So glad I waited to do my stringing ^^

First up, we've rebalanced the crossbows to make them a really appealing option for rangers. This means that your crossbow will fire faster and hit harder. We've also made grapples tradeable at every stage in their construction. It was a bit odd having them untradeable as soon as you add a bit of rope. Onyx bolt tips bought from the TzHaar are also cheaper now. With all these adjustments, we feel that the crossbow is a really viable choice for the discerning ranger.

We've also rejigged the combat selection so now you'll stick to the same fighting style after you log out. This means that when you log in again, you'll automatically use your preferred style - no more defending yourself by hitting someone over the head with a staff when you have plenty of runes!

We have updated the graphics for cyclopes to make them look better than ever. Stop by and visit the Ardougne Zoo and take a look at some of the less common creatures.

Players who have completed Dream Mentor will now be able to bank items without a seal of passage on Lunar Isle. They can now speak to Bird's Eye Jack, left click the booth directly in front of him or right click to use quick-bank. Previously, you were required to have your seal of passage on you before you could access the bank.

Players can now fill all available buckets in their inventory with slime from the ectofuntus temple just north of Port Phasmatys. This change removes the need for multiple clicking to fill each bucket individually.

We've been told that Gundai in the Mage Arena is not nearly as helpful as he could be, so we've added a 'quick bank' option. Similarly, the monks on Entrana have a right-click 'quick sail' option, which gives the monks the right to check you for the usual armour and weapons before you hop aboard their boat.

The dastardly aberrant spectres in the Slayer Tower will be getting less to eat now, as we've added a short warning to the spiky chain that leads to their lair. Hopefully this will save inexperienced adventurers from getting a painfully bad smell assaulting their senses (not to mention their limbs).

The glassblowing interface wasn't pretty enough, and also a bit awkward to use, so we've upgraded it to make it simpler to turn molten glass into useful vials and the like.

To save fletchers standing about looking as if they're doing nothing, we've added an animation to stringing bows. On top of this, you'll save quite a few clicks with the new 'String-all' option!

As impressively mighty as the skeletal wyverns are, we felt their drops didn't really reflect the challenge, so they now drop some more desirable loot.

Gloves of silence (made from the stealthy dark kebbit's fur) can now be inspected to see how they're going after your pickpocketing fingers have been caught a few times. You can also grab some more fur to repair damaged ones, saving you a trip to the fancy dress shop.

For the fashion-conscious among you, Patchy on Mos Le'Harmless has been given a better set of tools, so he'll now combine a black cavalier hat with a highwayman mask, and a black beret with a mime mask. How dashing!

Finally, everyone's favourite pet, a rock, has been made even more exciting! Now you can play fetch, tell it to stay, or even wield it.

We've also identified a number of bugs, which are now fixed. These include:

The infinity hat has been adjusted due to an issue with players' hairstyles. Certain hair would occasionally appear through the hat, which looked a bit strange.
Wizard boots have been relocated in the treasure trails chest of your costume room. Up to now, players could store these in the level 1 clue scroll section; however they are obtained from level 2 clue scrolls.
The rune helm painted with Varrock colours has had its looks adjusted. This is to help differentiate between the gilded full helm and itself. The new looks are now more befitting to such an item.

A bug was fixed to allow anyone who's been lucky enough to find and catch implings to open the jars containing captured implings around the Catherby area.

Cat & Tortoise (V)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google Me Up

I was just wondering what happened if you searched my blog-related terms on google.
I searched "Fizziwig Blogspot" and got:

When I searched "Fizziwig2006", the first 10 pages were all me, then I got bored: Click to see.
When I searched ", all results were me: Click to see
When I searched "Whiteman12", I was the last 2 results! Click to see
When I searched "Fizziwig" I was the 2nd,3rd and 4th result, then about half the results after that, gonna have to work on that... Click to see
When I searched "Fizz" I was nowhere to be seen. Click to see

That's all the things to search I can think of for now, gonna have to work on the results for "Fizziwig"

Tortoise Eggs!

My female tortoise had eggs wooooot! Unfortunately she layed them on concrete and it's too cold here to keep them alive, so I had to throw the eggs away... I think the birth went a bit wrong because there was blood, crap and a strange oily liquid around the eggs. I also have a video of just after the birth.

GTA SA: Verdant Meadows

I was thinking about it, and Verdant Meadows really is the best spawn point. For starters, there is a save point and flying school there. As well as that, there are spawn points for:


And 10k cash!

Through gambling, I've managed to get up to $120m, which is more than I could ever use, so I bought every item of clothing from all the different clothes shops and got the most expensive tattoos I could! Because of all the gang wars, I am now on 55k respect, which means my respect rating is now "Ghetto Star" woot!

A couple of days ago I got all golds on bike school too which means the NRG-500 spawns outside the school. In my opinion, the NRG-500 motorbike and the Bullet car are the best 2 vehicles in the game for speed. As soon as you hit (X) you blast off at unbelievable speed. If you add Nitro to the Bullet, you go faster than the game can load images and you end up going through entirely blank space, which is very wierd!

Currently on: 97.33%

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


God, 69-70 seemed to take an age! Now going to get 91 fletching, then probably 45-50 thieving. Woot!

As well as now being able to wear black d'hide, all of my stats are finally 'balanced' (ending in 0 or 5) as I have been aiming to do for the past few months!

Nice to finally get it done, now I'll train stats 5 levels at a time, so I don't get bored.


Numa Numa, Ooh yeah (V)

I could not get this song out of my head all day today, not a clue why, since Picasso at least is gay!

And here it is is again but with a sim dancing it out:

Pretty pointless / Habbo

A couple of hours ago I was doing all these things that would apparently make my PC faster (clearing cache, etc). It said I needed to restart, so I did.

Once I restarted, the dreaded 'blue-screen' came up and started verifying free disk space etc. After 3 hours of basically the same screen, my PC seems to be no different than before, sigh... I still have the same amount of space free, but i didn't realise my PC was so empty!

In other news, habbo have changed their friend request message just for me and the rest of the FHA! We spread the scam site around through the console, and this message says exactly not to be tricked by that. They can't stop us so they're trying to stop people falling for it. The old console didn't have the beware bit, just the "_____ wants to be your friend etc"
I think they're forgetting how stupid and greedy habbos can be!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Habbo: Turntable + Rares

Just put all of my rares into a heap for now, here is a list of what I need for all HC furniture, not sure if I can afford it all:
  • Hc Rug
  • Hc Curtains
  • Hc Rollers
  • Drinks Trolley
  • X-Ray Divider
  • Grammophon
  • Street Light
  • Fireplace
  • Butler

Also, just read a new story on habbox which is very exciting. I know about 10 new pieces of furni have come out, but I suspect they will be rares so I have no need for them. Anyway, here's the article:

"Last week HelKat got into trouble after revealing a very big secret. In her latest piece of news, she has given us even more information! Her original statement which was caught by Elkaa, whom she now curses, was that the Turntable was coming to the catalogue some time soon. We now know that one afternoon next week, a 'music related rare' will be released for just one hour."

When I started habbo, my aim was to have 2 turntables, then I would quit. If I manage to buy 2 turntables, my 'reign of terror' might finally be over. It will be sad to see it go, but I need to move on. Maybe I can sell it on e-bay anyway. Ho-hum.

GTA SA & Plans

A couple of images showing how far I've got on GTA: SA. Got 47k Respect and currently on 95% completion. I also realised that cameras don't like TV screens. Had to take about 5 pictures and these were the best two!

Right, onto my plans. For Runescape I'm gonna continue doing small tasks (e.g. 45-50 thieving), but after each one I am gonna gain a fletching level, because I really want fletching skill cape! Going to trade my yew longs for supplies and a bit cash each time. Bought 5k supplies, should be enough that I can work effectively, but not too many so that I get super-bored.

For Habbo, going to try and get all HC Furni, and make my trade room into an HC Furni storage. Will be a lot of work, ah well. And, going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 later hopefully.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Just been reading the article on habbo UK about the new "Traxmaster". Gonna get myself one soon, it sounds a bit weird though. Also, I read that a new minigame is gonna come out on Runescape soon, seems to be including a whole new breed of imps...

The concept art looks pretty good, but all seems a bit confusing at the moment. It seems that the new Dark Bow (Capable of handling dragon arrows) will have a special attack and will be released with the new minigame, probably as a new reward or something.

EDIT: It seems the imps are around already and they can drop decent stuff. I guess that different hunter levels will be able to catch different imps, finally making hunter have a purpose!

"The concept of this Hunter-based minigame is to use a butterfly net to capture a range of implings (tiny flying imps). Being related to imps, these implings are prone to taking items that don't belong to them, so capturing one will land you some lovely loot; anything from a baby impling dropping a bowstring up to a ninja impling dropping some black mystic boots, and then there are dragon implings, but we'll get to those later... These implings can mostly be found on their home plane of Puro-Puro, which can be visited by finding and entering crop circles that randomly appear in the wheat fields of RuneScape. Implings can also be found wandering all around the world, so be sure to have your butterfly nets handy at all times!"

Looking forward to it!

Recently completed last Zero missions and NRG-500 challenge on GTA SA, now I'm on 93.5%, but I don't seem to have that much left. Let's see...
2 Chiliad Races
2 Normal Races
Stadium Event
BMX Challenge
12 Cars to Export.

= About 4.5% - Missing 2% hmm.

EDIT: Looked on another site and it said I also have some Courier missions to do. Forgotten about them! And a "Lowrider Challenge"

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Thought I'd post what artists have currently got songs on my mp3 player. This roughly represents what sort of music I'm into.

That'll do for now.

ωнιтємαи'ѕ вℓσg

My friend whiteman recently got himself a blog. At the moment, it hasn't got much on, but he's got my help so it will be good in no time!

Also, we are sharing images and stuff, so don't send me e-mails calling him an image-ripper, he's not! I helped him get a domain too.
Check him out here