Monday, October 31, 2011

Confirmed RS Updates:

Thanks Zybez RSS feed:

  • New Website, Forums, and logo (Website/logo confirmed for November)
  • Increased Fansite Support
  • Eastern Lands (eventually, Jagex wants to "complete the current game" first, so not for a while)
  • The Dominion Tower
  • New Penguin Quest (soonish?)
  • The Queen Black Dragon (related to Dragonkin somehow, won't be released until next year)
  • Kalphite King
  • Player Owned Ports (Like houses? Out next year)
  • Content that will make use of level 99 skills (Next year)
  • One Piercing Note quest (Out in November, all NPC Dialogue will be voiced)
  • Another Elf Quest (Written part is done, development will supposedly take a lot of time)
  • Dungeoneering Finale, floor 61, and new Sagas
  • New, more powerful Tz-Tok Jad requiring fire cape to access (Out in November!)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Invasion
  • Sunday, October 30, 2011

    Imp Glitch

    Silly imp, that's an abyssal darkness, you can't walk there.
    Left: Me. Middle: David. Right: Tanya.

    Saturday, October 29, 2011


    Since I spend a lot of my time sitting, I'm buying top + legs first. Next I'll buy basic sword + shield, then move on to detailed sword + shield. The intricate stuff is SO expensive though! Each one is more than all of the detailed combined!

    Hot Pancakes (video)

    I dunno. He was spamming to join his friend chat to relax during cw games, so I did. We chatted, turned out he had a vlog. I went and looked, then realised he'd been sitting next to me the whole time. I then looked at the comments, and some randomer had posted "OMG YOU'RE SITTING NEXT TO D1D!!". It's disturbing.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011


    Uhm. The bot nuke update was today, and apparently it nuked my item sizes too. Wat.

    My dung ring stayed the same size when I banked it, cw tickets got larger when I withdrew. I've no idea.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Top 2k

    Yay, 107 dung got me this.

    Edit: Oh, and got exactly 2k the next day, which I was lucky enough to catch. :) Problem with being nearly maxed, gaining 1.5mxp in a day still loses you ranks. :P

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    The Pit

    Edit: Marlaine has a post about doing the event WITHOUT a skillcape, available here.

    Latest update, basically random events whilst training Agility. If you have a skillcape, you can do a preview of all of the events, but you get next to no xp, and no mask.

    At the bottom of this post I'll add a few pictures. The first is accessing it, the second is the "Winner's Area", accessed after beating a "Pit" event.

    The xp should be pretty good, as a friend got 1kxp even failing it.

    There's 6 events, I'll do a brief description of each. You'll probably be able to work out which are included in the pictures. They all have a pretty short time limit.
    • Floor is Lava
      • Luck. You basically have to pick a path across the floor, some crates will collapse, some won't.
    • High-Low There
      • Luck. You just pick "higher or lower" than current number. If you get 6 right, you win.
    • Punch the Hungry Sheeps
      • Luck. Kill some sheep. If you get one with a key, you win.
    • Crate Expectations
      • Luck. Open the crates. If you get one with a key, you win.
    • Karaoke
      • Skill. The ceiling falls down, and you have to avoid the falling rocks, without getting yourself trapped in a corner.
    • Put the Thing in the Other Thing
      • Skill. Look on the floor for the 3 items matching the outlines, and place them.