Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rum Deal

As I write this, I am waiting for my Blindweed to grow.

I like the way that all equipment is provided to you in this quest. You search a cupboard, you get the stuff you need. If only it was always this way...

I thought it was quite funny my player being tricked by a pirate into helping, and it kinda makes fun of the whole "Adventurer" idea. Also, the way the main method of creating a diversion seems to be "Look, a distraction!".

Also, when you "Intimidate" a zombie swab, a message comes up saying "We interrupt this conversation to bring you a soothing picture of a kitten", and a giant kitten comes on screen, playing with wool! Very unexpected, but very cute!

AND, I like the way that when you walk around, the zombie protesters shout at you to come back, and all follow you around.

The level 150 Evil Spirit was so weak, it was unbelievable. It didn't deal any damage to me, and only took a few hits, it fought like a level 60!

Also, the result of all this is a bucket of "Unsanitary Swill", and the examine is "Sorry, I mean a bucket of 'rum'." This made me smile, as Jagex seem to have taken a humorous approach to this whole quest, and make it much more fun than usual.

Also, after some investigation, the Holy Wrench appears to be a waste of time...

Horror From The Deep

Since I tried out a rune c'bow + broad bolts properly for the first time yesterday, I have now realised how truly amazing they are. So, this morning, I made 10k broad bolts, and did Horror From The Deep so I could get a Zamorak Book, which would work very well with a c'bow and my zamorak ranging armour.

I am still waiting to buy the pages, but I have the empty book!

Also, the Dagganoth Mother was a lot weaker than I expected, even though my melee attacks barely hit her, she had very low mage defence.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Revenant Hunting

Today I made a small attempt to kill revenants, just to test their strength.

I first met a lv 126, who I got to just below half health, he then disappeared, I think because he had strayed too far from his patrol, or something?

Afterwards I met 2 lv 75 Rev Werewolves, got 37gp from one, and 115gp from the other...

I saw another lv 126, possible the same one, and discovered they are EXTREMELY strong! He was hitting 30+ on me, and healing much faster than I could hit, even with a drag scimmy.

Even the lv 75s put up a good fight, so god knows how anyone kills a rev dragon!

1900 Total

Woohoo! Finally got 1900 total, getting ever closer to 2000!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

120 Combat + 100mxp

Well, I got 94 attack, and therefore 120 combat!

I also just passed 100m total xp, which is pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baccannis' 99 Strength

One of my oldest friends Baccannis got 99 strength today, and I was lucky enough to be with her when she got her cape! I managed to take a few screenies too.

Go Bacca!

100 Slayer tasks

Well, I finally managed to complete 100 slayer tasks, also got 76 slayer. I also got 83 farming, which means I can do spirit trees, so I'll think about using them to improve my farming run somehow.

Skeletal Wyverns

As my 100th task, Duradel kindly decided to let me have something new!

Skeletal Wyverns.

An elemental shield is VITAL here, as is protect from melee and d'hide. Bring 4 p pots, and the rest sharks, as they can deal a lot of damage. They occasionally drop mithril bolts, and quite often drop 2x crimson charms.

Also, they have the possibility of dropping the Draconic Visage.

They are at the end of the Port Sarim dungeon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


On the same day as I get 75 slayer, I'm given Gargoyles!

They are just past the aberrant spectres in Canifis Slayer Tower, and don't hit very often, but when they do, they hit hard. A ROCK HAMMER is needed to finish them off.

They drop some charms, the occasional rune full helm, but usually just coins.

gargoyle gargoyles

75 Slayer

Got 75 slayer at Basilisks, need to learn how to kill Gargoyles now, because I might get them soon.

Also, getting closer to 1900 total!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rune Full Helm (t)

Got a Rune Full Helm (t), which is a nice 400k or so. Also got some more gilded stuff for my house, as well as some nice firelighters.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zamorak Bracers

Got Zamorak Bracers from clue scroll, as well as a couple of rune plates and a black d'hide body. So, that's around 540k, which isn't too bad!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slayer Reward Points

Well, now that I have 'learnt' everything from Slayer Masters, and there aren't any tasks that I don't like, I've started thinking about what to spend my points on.

A friend suggested to be that I buy 250 casts of magic dart.

This would cost 35 points, and give me 250 death runes + 1000 minds.
Deaths = 285 x 250 = 71,250.
Minds = 9 x 1000 = 9,000.

Therefore 35 points = 80,250gp.
Therefore 1 point = 2,292gp!

Therefore each task from Chaeldar will earn me 22,920gp, every 10th task from Duradel will earn me 171,900gp!

And every 50th task from Duradel will earn me... 515,700!!!!

This means I will be gaining amazing cash, not even including drops from monsters, rewards from clue scrolls, etc!


Just found a nice little glitch in RuneScape btw, lmao:

80 ranged

Got 80 ranged at blue drags whilst doing slayer, only 5 more levels until I try and get myself a fire cape! It's a shame there is nothing new to do at 80, but oh well.

Now I see why higher level rangers complain... there's no new armour!

Friday, August 15, 2008


These are just past the turoths in fremmy slayer dungeon.

They need a leaf bladed sword to kill, and have quite high defence. As a result they don't hit that often, or very hard.

They have quite good drops, noted flax, broad tipped bolts, noted pineapples. Bring a knife to make use of the occasional unnoted pineapple.

Barbarian Assault

Me and 9 other people from The Experts attempted to defeat Barbarian Assault today. We split into two teams, my team being:

We made it through the entire game without any problems, up until the queen, when we got distracted with killing and a few people forgot to call for help that they were on low hp.

Second time through, we made it though. I was the collector, and I enjoyed it, so will probably come back another time to try and get penance gloves for the weight reduction. Thanks to all that came, another good event!

Guthix Kiteshield

Got Guthix Kiteshield from Clue Scroll, a nice little 425k!

Also, I've decided from now on I'm doing all scrolls, even if I am like 5 away from finishing task, since the reward can be so good!

NEW Farming Run

I've decided instead of my 2 smaller daily runs, I will do 1 run per day, in the afternoon / evening. Also, this new run is more cost effective, with roughly the same amount of XP:

11 Airs, 2 Fires, 3 Laws, 1000 cash.
4 x maple saplings.
4 x orange baskets.
Mith c'bow, Rune axe, Mithril grapple, 40 watermelons.
4 x pineapple saplings.


1. Homeport to Lumbridge, and run west to tree spot.
2. Teleport to Camelot, and follow the path south east to fruit tree spot.
3. Grapple over cliff, and run east to tree spot.
4. Follow path south + into park to Falador tree spot.
5. Teleport to varrock, and go north to tree spot.
6. Go to Spirit tree at Grand Exchange, and teleport to Tree Gnome Village.
7. Follow Elkoy out of Maze and go SW to next patch.
8. Go back inside maze and use Spirit tree to go to Tree Gnome Stronghold.
9. Farming patch is just east, then use Spirit tree to go to Battlefield of Khazard.
10. Run far east, then take ship to Brimhaven, and use patch there.
11. Take ship back to Ardougne for banking.


4 maples + 4 pineapples per day.

1 pineapple tree = 11,400 + 840 = 12,240 x 4 = 48,960.
1 maple tree = 27,100 + 1,418 = 28,518 x 4 = 114,072
2 trips to Brimhaven = 60.

1 pineapple tree = 4791xp x 4 = 19,164
1 maple tree = 3449xp x 4 = 13,796

Total gp daily = 163,092.
Total xp daily = 32,960.

Gp per Xp = 4.9 (Round to 5).

Hopefully I can easily learn this new run, as it is very productive.

3,258,594 - 2,478,829 = 779,765 (Xp for 85)
Divided by xp per day, approx 24 days for 85.
24 x cost daily = 3.9m

5,346,332 - 2,478,829 = 2,867,503 (Xp for 90)
Divided by xp per day, approx 87 days for 90.
87 x cost daily = 14.1m

13,034,431 - 2,478,829 = 10,555,602 (Xp for 99)
Divided by xp per day, approx 321 days for 99.
321 x cost daily = 52.3m

85 = 3.9m + 24 days. (1 month)
90 = 14.1m + 87 days. (3 months)
99 = 52.3m + 321 days. (1 year)

I think I will go for 90, but definitely no higher. Now I need to make 14m cash, whilst also saving for dragonfire shield..!

3rd age from scroll would really help out now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

119 combat

Got 91 attack and 119 combat at Basilisks!

I also got 72 slayer a few minutes before, so probably won't be getting any levels for a while.

I'm still really enjoying slayer, I reckon I should be able to make it to at least 85.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fist of Guthix

After playing Fist of Guthix for a couple of hours, I've decided it is my favourite minigame. I love the way that low levels still have a good chance, and it is all about tactics. I also enjoy sneaking around the map, carefully staring at minimap for an arrow to pop up, then mage protect and run away.

I only had one issue, a pker who complained that I ran around a lot. I'll never understand this sort of thing, I am using game techniques to win? It's like in the old wilderness, people flamed because I DDS'ed... Calling me a "safer". Yeah, I am "safe'ing", I don't want to lose any cash!

I liked the variety of techniques in FoG. Unlike games like Pest Control, where there is one set tactic, and everyone assumes a role, FoG lets players choose exactly what they want to do. You can spend your time hiding on the outside, hoping not to be found, or you can go into the middle and last for as long as possible.

I enjoyed mixing up combat styles too. To mage when the opponent is far off, then quickly switch to a stronger, faster, melee weapon for the kill. Experts are easy to tell, as when you're hunting, you simply don't see them, and when you're being hunted, you only see them for a few seconds before you're dead!

I'm glad this was a clan event, although I didn't get to play anyone from clan, I saw a couple of people and said hello.

90 Defence

I was at today's Fist of Guthix event, and got 90 defence unexpectedly!

Also, according to the player I was currently fighting (and beat), I had "no respect"... I was playing the game, how can I not have respect? o.O

I really like Fist of Guthix, even thought it is PvP. I like the fact that tactics matter a lot more than combat levels, makes it a lot fairer.

Also, I played against Twister2021, and he is absolutely amazing! He is ranked about 5k, and had amazing tactics, easily beat me!

Also, this means I will now be training attack to 95!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dark Cavalier

Got Dark Cavalier from a very short clue scroll, no puzzles, and no rev encounters.

I had to try it on, looked pretty good!

Mgdedonder's 99 Strength Party

We all went into dodgerpk's house, messed about in dungeon for a bit. Very fun, god damn ancients whupped us though! Grats to Mgdedonder for getting 99 strength, and a very nice cape.

After that, went to my first clan event, fishing at the guild. Quite a good turnout, I realised most of the clan is higher combat than me though!

Slayer Ring

Did my 50th slayer task, so could afford to buy knowledge of how to make Slayer Rings. Doubt I will ever make one, but nice to unlock!

I've got 150 points left over, so can nearly afford the final bit of knowledge :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

70 Slayer

Got 70 slayer, didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it would. I'm updating my slayer goal to 75 now, so that I don't get lazy!

Got it on lessers, my 42nd task.

Rune Helm (H5)

Finally got an alright reward from a clue scroll, worth about 170k. In the scroll, I got 3 puzzles, no wildy clues, and I got the same riddle twice! Best one so far since I've started slayer, they've mostly been under 50k!

Dust Devils

These can be found in the Smokey Well west of Pollnivneach, which can be accessed via Flying Carpet.

They are very weak, and can be hit quite high on with range. There are plenty of them, and plenty of range spots, but they can be quite spread out. A slayer helmet is DEFINITELY needed here. They are very good slayer and ranged xp.

Usually just drop a few coins, and have an extremely small chance of dropping Dragon Chainbody. They also drop quite a lot of rune arrows, as well as crimson charms.

dust devils dusties

Black Dragons

These can be found in Taverley Dungeon. Take the Blue Drag shortcut (70 agility), then run past Black Demons and Spiders.

Always carry a antifire shield, just in case, as well as a bit of food.

Attacking these is stupidly slow, due to the halberd. Also, a Dragon Halberd would be much better, but I haven't finished Regicide yet...

As for loot, black dragonhides with each kill, and of course a chance of truly amazing drops such as a Visage. Bury the bones on the spot.

black dragons blacks dragon

Infernal Mages

They are on the second floor of Canifis Slayer Tower, next to the bloodvelds.

They use a magic attack (surprisingly), so d'hide is needed. Whenever I switch to guthans to heal, they seem to hit a lot harder, so I'd recommend using food instead.

Drops aren't very good, with only the occasional death, water, or earth.

infernal mages infernals mage

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Kalphite lair is just west of a fairy ring.

For this task, there are 2 options. Either go for the weak kalphite workers, or the much stronger kalphite soldiers. I started on the soldiers, but their drops were very bad, so decided to just get the task done by using workers.

No damage taken from them, but no good drops either.

Image is from soldiers.

Alternatively, soldiers can be ranged, but this is tricky, as they have quite high defence.

kalphite kalphites

Crawling Hands

Yeah... I really got these.

Not much to say about them, they're in Canifis Slayer Tower, drop gold charms sometimes, and gold rings, leather gloves.

They do not hurt. Ever. I personally tried to 1-hit as many in a row as possible. I got to 27.

crawling hands crawlings hands

Shadow Warriors

They are found in the Legends Guild basement, and are quite weak. They have a high amount of hitpoints, but quite low defence.

They drop large amounts of airs, as well as some cosmics. Bloods and deaths are sometimes dropped too. Gold charms are common, as well as some crimsons. Occasionally herbs are dropped, ranging from Guam to Ranarr. Sometimes they drop a mithril bar.

For some reason, they do not show up on the minimap, and they can be hard to see. Luckily, there is no competition for them.

Dragonfire Shield

Since this is what I am aiming for, I thought I would post a bit of information about it.

It is currently 22.5m, but seems to be dropping. In the last month, it has dropped almost 10%. I believe this will continue since the daily & 5 day averages are consistently below the monthly average, indicating people are buying and selling for less than the market price. In my opinion, the lowest the shield will go is 15m, if that.

As you can see, the dragonfire shield has much better stats than my current dragon square shield, including an impressive +7 strength bonus, to hit a lot harder. Of course, these stats are for the charged version, which can be easily achieved after killing a few dragons. I will rarely use the charges, except when I am low on prayer, and have just a couple of monsters left.

D-fire shield only loses out on mage and range attack bonuses, but these are not important at all.

Slayer Helmet

Got my slayer helmet today, just a few days after starting slayer! It has been a lot easier than I thought, and I like the way you now get a count of how many tasks you have done.

Also, my slayer outfit is nearly perfect, only thing left is to save up for a dragonfire shield!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blue Dragons

Go to taverley dungeon for these, and use the agility shortcut to get straight to them. Ranging is definitely the best option by far. No food or shield is needed. A lot of hopping will be necessary to find a good world. Bury the bones, keep the hides, for a bit of extra cash.

They seem to drop a few herbs, charms, and gems, but nothing decent. Hit average on them, but give quite good xp, due to high hp.

blue blues dragon dragons

118 combat

Got 88 def, and therefore 118 combat on fire giants, I didn't know you got a separate message for that, but it's a nice surprise. I've nearly died a few times today, just by not paying enough attention, so I need to be careful.


Can use shortcut next to Basilisks in Fremmy Slayer Dungeon. LEAF BLADED SWORD NEEDED.

They use a very strange attack style, and are also hard to hit high on, because you can only use a leaf bladed sword.

Their damage adds up, so quite a bit of food is needed. They sometimes drop medium amounts of nats, and drop charms / herbs too.

Turoth turoths

Friday, August 8, 2008

Greater Demons

Easiest place to kill is in Brimhaven Dungeon, just take the north path when inside (Axe needed), and go up the ladder, then past the fire giants.

They can hit a bit, but the biggest problem is the Wild dogs that frequently attack you.

They usually just drop coins, but sometimes drop charms. They rarely drop deaths, chaos, half keys, and rune full helms.

When training here, not much attention is needed, just keep an eye on health.

greater demon greaters demons

Lesser Demons

They can be found in Taverley Dungeon, no items needed to get there.

They have high hitpoints, and rarely hit at all.

They occasionally drop mith chains and sq shield, but usually just drop a small amount of coins. They also drop small amounts of fires, deaths, and chaos. Gold ore is an uncommon drop too. Charms are rarely dropped.

lesser demon lessers demons

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Just past basilisks in Fremmy Slayer Dungeon.

Very weak, sometimes drop charms. Steel 2hs are common, and good for alching.

Drop clue scrolls frequently.

Mage based attack, so use d'hide.

Bring mainly food as they only drop charms / alchable stuff.

jelly jellies

Aberrant Spectres

Second floor of slayer tower in canifis, NOSEPEG NEEDED.

Wear d'hide, about 10 sharks needed.

Very good drops. Ranarrs frequently, other high level herbs and herb seeds too.

Not very good xp, since regular banking is needed, but the chain can be used to get to and from the bank quicker.

Aberrant Spectre Spectres

Mutated Zygomites

Go to Zanaris, making sure you have bought Fungicide spray first (1 charge per Zygomite).

Pick the fungi, and when it is almost dead, use the spray on it.

It sometimes drops Mort Myre fungi for filling Druid Pouch, or coins. They also can drop noted supercompost.

It uses magic attacks, so d'hide recommended.

mutated zygomite zygomites

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Seal of passage is needed to access the island.
Go to the most western dock at Rellekka, speak to Lokar, then speak to the Captain.

Go to the southern ones on Lunar Isle, as they do not use magic.

They can be ranged over the edge of the bridges. If you range directly from the bridges, they run away. You have to stand on the end squares of bridge, otherwise they run away too.

Usually just drop Suqah hide, big bones, and Suqah tooth, and occasionally guam / marrentil.

Also, here's a weird glitch I get when talking to NPCs with slayer mask on. Reminds me of a spider...

Cave Crawlers

In Fremmy Slayer dungeon, they hardly ever hit, and have low hp.

They sometimes drop coins, but they normally drop herblore related stuff, like vials of water, herbs and seconds.

Maybe bring an antipoison, since there is a chance of poison.

cave crawler crawlers

Clan Takeover

Me, Skills God, Rong Speelin, Vikings, and others, took over Puffin's clan, and now we run it!


They are in Fremmy Slayer Dungeon, so use fairy code A J R, goes right to entrance. Walk through for a bit, they are just after pyrefiends.

Mirror shield definitely needed.

Usually drop a small amount of coins, sometimes a few nats, water runes in sets of 75.

They regularly drop green charms, and sometimes red / gold.

Occasionally drop misc good items, such as tooth half of key & uncut diamond.

Drop lots of high lv herbs like Ranarr and Avantoe.

Don't hit very hard at all, but have average defence.

basilisk basilisks

Bronze / Iron / Steel Dragons

Deep in brimhaven dungeon, use a map. Bring an axe and a few thousand gp.

Bring about 3x prayer pots as antifire pots.

Drop occasionally addy plates / javelins.

Keep an eye on prayer, and look out for "Your resistance to dragonfire is about to run out."

Wild dogs will attack for a bit, but soon give up.


Best to just bury all d bones, and alch other higher metal drops.

bronze drags bronze dragons bronze dragon
iron iron steel steels

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Banshees are on the first floor of Canifis Slayer Tower, just past hands.


They are very weak, but drop the occasional green charm, some higher level herbs, and quite a bit of pure essence.

They are bad xp, a very easy task.

Use magic defence, such as black d'hide, and no food is needed.

banshee banshees

Fire Giants

Fire giants, go into chaos tunnels next to Abyss entrance, there is a rift on floor.

When you get in, go to the portal on the west, plenty of fire giants, nice and empty too. Can be tricky whilst they are still aggressive, as they can hit hard, but getting into little corners is good. They have good drops, like the occasional rune scimmy.

They also drop a lot of fires, in sets of 150, and quite a lot of gold charms, and some grimy herbs. Just bring normal melee stuff.

They seem to drop key halves quite frequently, combining halves saves inventory space.

firegiant fire giant fire giants


They drop green charms 50% of the time, and occasionally gold charms. Also drop a few coins.

Sometimes a bit busy, but people are usually okay about moving a bit to help.

Best to range them, since there is a very good spot. Lots of bones, and sometimes big bones.

Second floor of canifis slayer tower, don't need anything to access them.

bloodveld bloodvelds