Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strength over, on with fletching

Wahey! Finally finished strength training, now I can get on with getting 99 fletching! Also, my combat level just went up to 95, which is a nice round number.


I know I'm not supposed to post about these, but I couldn't resist! Here's the latest haul, all from @-Courtney13-.

2 Hedges
1 Hedge Gate
Water fountain

Oh yeah, and I got x-ray screen as HC gift. I'm getting all HC gifts by doing nothing!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The New Plan + Funny screenie

Was taking a short rest from Melee to smith some mithril I had laying round. I examined the mithril ore and got the idea for this screenie.

Anyway, my new plan is:
  • 80 Strength (79 now)
  • 99 Fletching (94 now)
  • 85/90 Fishing & Cooking (80 now, depends on how bored I get)
  • Combat (Not sure, depends how much food I get from fishing)

I've got some luck

I was looking through some fansite's guides on how to kill metal dragons because I was bored. I got it into my head that I could kill these powerful beasts. I spent about half hour getting ready and buying P pots, Antifire pots etc. I finally made it there all on my own, and discovered that Steel and Iron dragons are VERY hard to hit. I finally managed to kill my first Iron Dragon, only to discover it had dropped Dragon Platelegs!!!

Can't make my mind up

A friend of mine recently suggested that I sell my Dragon Platelegs (D Legs) and buy Torag's Platelegs instead. This is a very hard decision since I have been using my D Legs for so long. Going to do the usual comparison:

Item: Dragon Platelegs Torag's Platelegs
Cost: 2100-2200k 500k

Defense Bonuses:
Stab +68 +85
Slash +66 +82
Crush +63 +83
Magic -4 -4
Range +65 +65

Other: Dragon Platelegs require 60 defense to use, Torag's require 70.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tum te tum OW

The post title does make sense if you read on! Just working my way through 75-80 strength. After 80 strength it's fletching from 94 all the way to 99. Eep. Going to be so ridiculously bored, 30k bows left to do! This is gonna be a fun summer holidays...

By the way, my simple technique for training melee is:
  • Go to level 3 of stronghold of security
  • Enter the first room, the level 50 spiders will auto-attack you.
  • When they stop (15 mins or so) go west to the next room.
  • Once you are in, go north and there will be more level 50 spiders that will auto-attack you for a while.
  • Once they stop, go back to the first room.
  • ETC.


Woop! Bought Torag's helm. I look weird now, half Torag's half other stuff! Lv 50 spiders aren't gonna know what hit them! Oh yeah, and on my armour repair stand, fully repairing Torag's plate was only 50k! Normally it's 100k! Woop x2!

Torag's helm

I'm thinking about buying a Torag's helm for myself. I'm going to compare it to my current helmet: Dragon med.

Item: Dragon Med Helm Torag's helm
Cost: 250k-300k

Defence Bonuses:
Stab +33 Stab +55
Slash + 35 Slash + 58
Crush + 32
Crush + 54

Clear winner: Torag's helm. It is cheaper, has nearly 2x better stats and looks much better!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

(CS) Website Modding

Hmm, brand new script from FHA. Enter this code into most sites, and it turns on edit mode. It's a very simple code, but very effective. Copy and paste the code into the address bar on your browser, works best with Firefox.

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

So far, seems to work on all sites, even my blog, try it!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Sorry I haven't been posting much, construction doesn't let me rest at all. I got to 55 construction pretty easily and was still enjoying it so I've set my sights on level 60. Just working my through it.

Also, recently got a craving for Fort Minor, here's a couple of videos.
Remember the name (Amazing)
Petrified (Pretty Good)

PS: I got my crystal saw back!

PPS: I'm gonna buy some simpsons DVDs off eBay since they are about £10 each which is pretty cheap.

Fizz + UPT vs UB Chat

Clear victory for us, I think you'll find. Me and UPT were just doing a bit of 'magic'ing on this noob-ass chatroom.

I'm banning everyone, including the moderators and admins, and EPT is creating multiple accounts and spamming users with messages so they can't retaliate.

O rly?

Made a new video. SERIOUSLY random.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Old Pking Video

Filmed by Bk2Lumby4you when he was still part of FHA (Rank 3)

Also, bought enough construction supplies to get up to 55, including things like cloth and steel bars for the extras. Nearly finished making oak logs, got about 90 teak planks, it's all good!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yay. 45 Herb.

Yay I got 45 herb and it was pretty easy once I got all of the stuff. I was going too fast to get a screenie though. I'm addicted, so it looks like I am going for 50! Tally ho!

How to create a custom icon

1. Get a free icon from Favicons R Us or make one yourself. Save it as a .png file.

2. Convert it into a .ico file here.

3. Use a free host like Freewebs to upload the file. Get the direct URL for the .ico file.

4. Go to your site directory (or edit blog template) and right after the 'head' code enter:

5. Save it, and on Mozilla Firefox browsers at least, you should see your chosen icon.

6. Here it is working on:
Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

3 New videos

Me playing about with Pancake in the garden with his toy mouse on a string.

Me feeding tortoises and Pancake drinking their water.

Final one is me filming the road and a bit of the dashboard on a dull trip in the car.

Swift Switch

Just downloaded Swift Switch from the website, and oh my god it's fucking amazing. I made a short video about it, but the video really doesn't do it justice.

Cut it

I was using Ardougne General Store to get about 1k water filled vials for herblore. Now I'm fletching again, and I just got level 94 yay!

Got a couple of new Dynamic Display Pictures for MSN too, they look pretty good.

Was looking on eBay for Simpsons, they're going for about £10 each. About £18 on & about £17 on Looks like I'll be getting them off eBay then. Man, I wish Tracy was back from holiday so she could buy them and I could pay her back. This guy is selling 8 series for £65 too! That's just over £8 a series!!! Here's an image of all 8 series:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some good trades

Did a really good trade with Moinphyst. She was a very efficient trader, preparing all the herbs beforehand and telling me what seeds I needed to give her. Woot.

Did another one with Pianofrieak. Wasn't that keen since she was dealing in all these complicated numbers and was giving part yew longs (u).

Another decent trade with Zamboosta. He was in f2p, but I didn't mind since he bought all for a decent price of 200 ea. I don't think I've got anything left to trade except for the seeds now!

How to bypass filters

Most schools and businesses have filters on the internet. Here I will explain how to get past them simply.

  • Go to a bypass site, e.g. iBypass or Greerabbit.
  • Enter the site needed, it will fail if there is a decent filter though.
  • If it does fail, bypass to Google.
  • Once on the bypassed google, search the site wanted.
  • Most school and work filters will be defeated by now.
An original Hack by FHA.

Bypass sites:


Was trying to make my corridor more accessible since it is at the very bottom of the page and people rarely go down that low. I decided to use anchoring to create a link to a specific part of the page. I mainly used this tutorial to help me.

It was pretty simple. I just had to put a bit of HTML where the corridor is basically saying "This part of the page is called 'corridor'" then a link that basically said "Link to the 'corridor' part of this page. I might add a "Back to top" bit in a minute.

Hmm, this word verification thing for new posts is really getting on my nerves. Whatever I type first time, it always said it is wrong, and whatever I type second time it says is right. Useful...

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Been playing Star Wars Battlefront II for a while now. Completed everything on it with maximum stats. Here's a bit of proof. Although it's a bit easy, SWB2 is good for a quick war. Mm, if only spacecraft were more useful like they are in Hoth...

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Woot full ghostly robes! Didn't take that long at all once I had ring of visibility. Here's a few pictures of me wearing it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mu hu ha!

Finally got Ring of Visibility! Wish it looked a bit better though, it's really dull.

Oh well, off I go to get full ghostly, gonna look amazing! Woot!

Getting there

Just working my way through all of the quests needed for Desert Treasure, just finished Death Plateau, now onto Troll Stronghold. Tally ho! Yay, got the ability to make claws now!

Also, only 1.5 days left of school until 6 weeks off! Woopitie-woop-woop!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


EDIT: Fuck! It's back on but an hour of exp has been deleted! Back to 52 thieving! Gah!

What the hell? All servers went offline at exactly the same time, what's happening? If all accounts have been deleted, I want compensation...

Mod Craddock has explained it briefly (Or is it an excuse?)
Mod Craddock: We do apologise. We have experienced a slight server outage which had removed all of the players from the game. This was done as a safeguard to ensure that our players did not lose any game data.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ghostly robes

Just been planning how to get ghostly robes on Runescape. So far, I've worked out i only need 53 thieving to start, then it's pretty easy to get ring of visibility. Thieving I go!

EDIT: Oh dear, I need to do about 5 other quests first, ah well, not as easy as I first thought!

Wingdings chart (P)

Made a wingdings chart in photoshop since all the ones I could find online were crap. Meh, hopefully people will use this as reference.

Club penguin is for babies

For god's sake, couple of people I know at school have started playing club penguin, for fuck's sake it's for 8 year olds! Search RS v CP on YouTube and EVERY video will decide that RS is better! Aye, if you're under 10 and can't understand shit, CP for you. But if you have half a brain, RS. The main things on CP - Minigames, dressing up - are tiny little things in RS, and RS still does them better. I could rant on forever, but I'll just say one more. RS is 3D and the graphics are still better than CP!

Fonejacker + Random Vid (V)

OMG Fonejacker is the funniest program in history! Look at the video below all the way through, I GUARANTEE you will laugh!

Also, put together some old clips I had hanging around, into this little video. Couldn't even be bothered with credits!

Contained Madness (P) (V)

Made a quick background, doesn't really work that well because of the icons on the desktop, but it looked good on it's own. I especially like the way all of the chaos on the inside (Multicoloured stripes, 3D shapes) just fades into blackness. Might make a display picture version in a minute. Enjoy! As usual, if you want a customized one, just e-mail me at

Was bored so I made a video version of it. Not that good, but it took about 5 minutes, so oh well.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Just met Zezima in world 83 Lumbridge bank. Problem was, the crowds seemed to have got there first! It was pretty hectic, and very laggy. Here's a screenie of the packed basement and the minimap. So far, I've met the world No.1 and No.8!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

General Runescapeness

Just finished my trial run of 1k bowstrings, and I've decided that I want do do the other 11k next. As well as getting me to 65 crafting, I'll make about 1.2m out of it, which is a nice bonus. Also, if I trade all of me seeds into herbs, I think I will have just about enough for 50 herblore, which might be a future target. If only somebody would buy my:
88 Marrentill seeds
68 Tarromin seeds
48 Harralander seeds
28 Toadflax seeds
7 Guam seeds

EDIT: Yay just got 93 fletching!

The New Plan

Right, been talking it over with Baccannis, and this is the plan for the next few tasks:
  • Finish stringing (Only about 1.5k left)
  • String 1k flax into bowstrings
  • Cut and string another 5k yew longs
  • Choose between stringing another 14k flax or getting 75-80 strength
I think I'll choose stringing, but it all depends on how I feel after doing 1k. If I'm bored already, then I'll do melee, but that was my last task, so that seems unlikely. Ho hum. Also not too sure whether to string at Seers or Lumbridge.

Mm yeah, and there's this little kid at school called Adam Tripp, just to let you know he's an absolute DICKWAD. His habbo name is master.t.99 and his MSN is

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How High

Just watched some sick film on Google video. The whole film is in one file and is pretty decent quality. Basic storyline:
Drug enthusiast and chemical master Silas and his friend Jamal lose their best friend Ivory to a disturbing pot related dread-lock fire, growing a pot plant in his ashes they use his heavenly connections to hook them up with all the knowledge they need to make it to Harvard... where they change the lives of the up-tight ivy league in the way only good stoner's can.

Watch it here. Once you have opened the link, click [full window] and maximise the window. I recommend getting rid of the Start bar and pressing F11 to full screen it.

Check out a clip here:

Attack finished

Yay! Got 80 attack, and it wasn't that hard either. Just going to get to 2m attack exp, then going to string 5k yew longs, then cut 5k yew longs, then string 5k yew longs! I have to string an extra 5k because I didn't finish my load last time. After that, I'll probably get 80 strength, but I'm not too sure what to use for it. I have to choose between Drag Long, Drag B-axe and DDS. I think D Long because it hits well, and pretty fast and has a nice special that can be used 4 times per special bar. Also, I thought I would upload a picture from a few months ago, about smithing dragon. Helm and plate had to be guessed, and I should really update it, but I'll just pop it up.

Click to enlarge.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Habbo: The top-up

Just got 156 credits. Stupidly high amount. That purse isn't modded, that's what actually happens after 100 coins. I spent 120 of them on 6 months HC Club which should just about get me all HC gifts. I spent the remaining 36 on bronze coins and making piles of them in my Catalog Corridor! Looks a bit silly, but oh well, at least I can use them later.

Habbo: Seasonals 2

I now have all seasonals apart from:
  • Sport (Not including it)
  • Chains
  • Xmas Tree 1
  • Large Silver Star
  • Small Silver Star
  • Broken Gingerbread House
  • Heart Stickies
If I just keep topping-up my HC membership, I will only need to get HC Curtains, HC Drinks Trolley and HC Rug. (I got 2 HC Rollers as part of a trade) So what the hell am I going to do with all these extra rares!? Sigh...

Ugh, and I need to change the corridor at the bottom. How can I make an image on ImageShack have ImageMapping? I can't... It will have to stay like this. Habbo is getting abandoned for a while.

Habbo: Seasonals

Since I'll have nearly all of the HC gifts I need in the next 6 months with hardly any work, I've decided I'll go for all seasonals, then I'll have all seasonals, all norms and all HC gifts... Woot! Then it will be my time to go... Sorry it's such a long list, but there's a lot of them!
Anyway, here's the stuff I need:

  • Pop-up egg
  • Wannabe bunny (duck)
  • Basket of eggs

  • Zombie poster
  • Chains
  • Spiderweb
  • Pumpkin
  • Skull Candle
  • Dead duck 1
  • Dead duck 2
  • Dead duck 3
  • Eaten ham
  • Bat poster
  • Knight roller
  • Jolly roger poster

  • Xmas tree 1
  • Xmas tree 2
  • Xmas tree 3
  • Reindeer poster
  • Three Wise Men poster
  • Santa poster
  • Stocking
  • Electric candles
  • Snowman poster
  • Gingerbread house
  • Holly garland
  • Christmas pudding
  • Roast turkey
  • Mistletoe
  • Xmas rubber duck
  • Pink hyacinth
  • Blue hyacinth
  • Poinsetta
  • Red Candle
  • White Candle
  • Winter Wonderland poster
  • Snowman poster
  • Large gold star
  • Large silver star
  • Small gold star
  • Small silver star
  • Tinsel gold
  • Tinsel silver
  • Angel poster
  • Gold roller

  • Old xmas tree
  • Broken gingerbread house

  • Heart sofa
  • Cupid statue
  • Giant heart
  • Valentine's duck
  • Heart stickies
  • Pink roller

Next few gifts

Woo! Just looked at the next few gifts I'll get on habbo from HC Club, they rawk!
Next ones:
  • X-Ray Screen (Need)
  • Study Desk (Got)
  • Gramophone (Need)
  • Streetlight (Need)
  • Fireplace (Need)
  • Butler (Need)
This means all I need to trade for are: Curtains, Rug, Drinks Trolley! Woop!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Terminator 2

Just watched Terminator 2 again on TV, and I suddenly realised where I recognised that truck jump from "Just Business" in GTA SA from! It's from this film! Got a clip off YouTube, about 20 seconds into the first video you'll see the truck come flying off the overpass. About 3:50 into the second video you'll see a similar scene.

Oh yeah, and I got level 7 in Science which is the highest you can get, so woot! Did a bit of a redesign of the site's colours from black and white to mainly red and black. I think it looks more sinister, which is good, but who knows.

Hmm, it's gonna be 7/7/7 tomorrow, I should do something to commemorate it... Not a clue what.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dragon Helm

Oo just got information from Runescape that a new Dragon, Mithril Dragon, will be released and will be an impressive level 300, so it will probably become one of (if not the) hardest monsters in the game since even bronzes and steels aren't easy at all! Also, this monster "will hold several interesting items in its treasure horde, not least the fabled dragon full helm." Finally! The dragon full helm is here, but it sounds nearly impossible to get, ah well, hopefully in a few months they'll be under 1m!
Off-Topic: Managed to get into the 4 subjects I wanted for GCSE:
  • ICT: Normal
  • ICT: Graphics
  • Economics
  • Spanish
Still off-topic: According to the Metro newspaper, Kylie Minogue will be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special and Catherine Tate will be the main female character in the next series! Eek! Rumour says Martha Jones will come back for the second half of the series and will be in Torchwood. Will be good to see how Catherine Tate does in a Drama instead of a comedy.

Habbo: Japanese Furni

Habbo have recently added the Asian furni back into the catalog, effectively pissing off everybody that owns Asian stuff... (Me)...

More stuff is coming out, like the Irori dining bar, but I'm not gonna get any of it unless they become norms, which hopefully they will because I'd really like a room of Asian stuff!

Also, I got a Majestic through the HC-Gift Mail!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nice Colour...

In case any of you are wondering why the new music player is black, site is black-themed and the blogger bar is black, it's because I like black! Nah, it's actually because my Firefox browser is black, so I try and colour sites so that they fit in. I took a picture in F11 (Full Screen) mode to show you.

Click image to see full-size version.

In other news, moved onto melee, hopefully get 80 attack, strength and hp. I'm training in the Stronghold of Security.

Music player

After my defeat at putting flash on here, I decided I had to add something interesting. Thanks to Fine Tune I now have a playlist of about 150 songs right on my blog! Just click the "Play" button to listen!



NOTE: This post was edited numerous times, so is not very well constructed.

Just downloaded a trial version of this flash effect creator called Mix-FX. Apparently I can use it to put some flash on here which would be pretty cool. Seems like I need a SWF file host and possibly to get a registration key since without it I can only get one effect. Could only find Zippy Videos to host it and it just goes wrong when I try them. Hmph.

Right, now I've got a hoster. (Zshare) I uploaded it but not too sure how to integrate it into my blog. It's hosted at:
I think what I need to do is get an actual URL for just the file, but how? Think I might have got it by looking through the source code. Click here to download it. Anyway, I still need to work out how to put it on here. Managed to find a tutorial for putting it on MySpace, that might work. Think I've got the HTML code now, but need a place to host it.

Looks like ImageShack will host it but only if I install their toolbar. Hmm

Rawwwrr! It's actually impossible! How can I upload it if none of them will give me a direct link to the file? Is that how you do it? I just don't know...