Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Event Summary

To start:
Tele to deamonheim, and speak to... the hatless Santa at the rewards trader.

1st Room:
Watch the pattern, match it. Repeat 3 times.
Pick up the snowman stuff, and leave.

2nd Room:
Move one "icicle block" at a time, as soon as you see the angel turn it's back. Don't try and do 2 at once, and yes, it is frustrating.

3rd Room:
Pick up trinket of sealification on floor.
Slide across the floor, using the onscreen arrows, and remember to press a bit before you want to turn.

4th Room:
Pick a door, and try and get through it, only one will work.
This door is unique to you, so make a note of it, and just work your way through by trial and error.
My doors were: 2, 2, 3, 2.

5th Room:
Just wait until the crab with a hat pops up, click him, and you'll try to catch him.
Usually you miss, eventually you catch him.

Speak to Santa.

Santa cannon, which has a 9x9 Snowsplosion emote, with snow splattering all around.
Salty claws hat, a wearable crab wearing a hat. Wow.
Seal of approval emote, where the player transforms into a seal and claps.

Access to:
- A large snow fight area, with a shortcut to pelt people, and lots of snow.
- A snowman creating area, also with snow.
- An ice skating area, with small sand piles to rest on.
- Giant xmas tree.
- A minigame based on the 3rd room, where you slide into different holes for different points.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

80 Herb

Did 62-80. It was painful.

Monday, December 13, 2010

90 Smithing

Now for 90 herb!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FINAL farming post.

Alright, 3 runs.

Morning run = Fruits, Trees, Allotments.
5pm run = Trees, Allotments.
Midnight run = Trees, Allotments.

All runs:
20 laws, 20 airs, 20 waters.
Seed dibber, spade, hatchet, gardening trowel.

Fruit tree run:
Catherby, Grand Tree, Gnome Village, Ardougne.
4 Palm tree sapling, 60 papayas.

Tree run:
Varrock, Grand Tree, Falador, Taverley, Lumbridge.
5 Yew tree sapling, 5 super compost, tinderbox

Allotment run:
Falador, Catherby, Ardougne, Ghostly Port.
24 watermelon seeds, 4 super compost, 4 herb seeds, Ectophial.

Supercompost run (when necessary):
Just do a herb run, with spirit terrorbird.
15 buckets, 15 pineapples, herb seed, super compost.

(4x10.3k) + (5x7.1k) + (5x7.1k) + (5x7.1k) + (4x500) + (4x500) + (4x500) + (4x200) + (4x200) + (4x200)
41.2k + 35.5k + 35.5k + 35.5k + 2k + 2k + 2k + 800 + 800 + 800 = 150kxp/day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

90 Summoning

Chameleons! Gonna finish off my charms, hopefully get to 91/92.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

90 Prayer

Got 90 prayer, very fast. Summoning next. Decided not to do herb, and instead just do one massive daily run, hopefully eventually doing Fruit Trees and Trees, and perhaps all the herb, allotment, and flower patches. I'll see how it goes!

Farming (Herb) Notes

Herb patch locations:
North of ardougne (Ardy tele)
Catherby (Camelot tele)
Haunted woods (ALQ)
Port sarim (Falador tele)

NEW farm run:
Teleport to camelot, run to the herb patch, then fruit tree patch.
Take glider to grand tree, and use fruit tree there.
Take spirit tree to gnome village, and use fruit tree there.
Teleport to ardougne, use the herb patch north, then take boat to brim.
Teleport to falador, and run south to herb patch.
Glory to edge, and use fairy ring ALQ for haunted woods patch.

NEW inventory:
Gardening trowel.
Seed dibber
10 laws, waters, airs.
5 palm tree saplings.
60 papayas.
4 herb seeds.
4 supercomposts.
A glory with at least one charge.

NEW herb invent:
10 laws, 10 waters, 10 airs
4 kwuarm seeds
4 supercomposts
Seed dibber
Magic sec

Friday, December 3, 2010

2200 Total

135 Combat

Farming Notes

Only doing palm trees, because they're cheap and fast. Like 30m max for 90.

Farming run:
Teleport to camelot.
Run NORTH, take glider to grand tree.
Run downstairs, and SOUTH, to the GRAND TREE PATCH.
Teleport to ardougne, run SOUTH EAST to take boat to BRIM PATCH.

2 water runes, 3 law runes, 5 air runes.
4 palm tree saplings.
60 papaya fruits.

5 patches per day = 10509*5 = 52,545xp per day.
2,007,823xp to get = 2007823/52545 = 38.2 = 39 days.

Seed = 105.6k
Payment = 1318*15 = 19770
Total = 125,370 per seed.
Gp/xp = 125370/10509 = 11.9gp
This does not include the fact that I will get 6 coconuts from each tree, which can be sold to reduce my costs.

2007823/10509 = 191 seeds = 20.1m
191 * 15 = 2865 * 1318 =
Total cost = 20.3m

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Construction Notes

Need 37 hammers for 90 con.

That's 740 points.