Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The plan (V3)

Right, this is the final version of 'The Plan'. It's gonna decide what I do for the next few months:
  • 55-60 Thieving (Master farmers to get seeds)
  • 75-80 Mage + 45-50 Farming (Using stolen seeds)
  • 80-90 Fishing + 80-90 Cooking
  • Melee. Depends how many lobsters I sell.
Hopefully I can stick to it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Woopie Woop

I was chatting with one of my cousins, when he randomly decided to give me all his stuff... Gonna sell most of it off, really made my day!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Billie Piper + Kelly Brook

Made 2 videos with Billie Piper and Kelly Brook in. The Billie Piper one has been processed on YouTube, but Kelly's hasn't. I'm trying out the new 'Upload Video' feature on Blogger, see if it can compete with YouTube.

Next couple of HC gifts

Just got a Study Desk in my HC gift. As some of you know, I'm slowly trying to collect all HC gifts. The next few month's gifts are: DJ Set; Street Lamp; Fireplace & Butler. I need all of these at the moment. So, in the next 4 months, I need to get my hands on:
  • HC Curtains
  • HC Carpet
  • Drinks Trolley
  • Maybe a couple more HC rollers
Sounds pretty easy, but I might not get round to it! Full list of HC gifts: Here (Habbox)

New Video + Alching + Farming

I used up about 1k deaths, 100 bloods + 2k chaos that I had laying around on blue dragons. Now it's off to Catherby to do some farming. I tried doing trees at the same time, but it just got too confusing. Alching is dull, but I'll get through it since I don't have to be looking at the screen to click, because it is just clicking again and again.

Goddamn Megan Fox is hot. I uploaded yesterday, and already if you search 'Megan Fox xxx' , guess who comes up 2nd! Damn right. I also come up 3rd for 'Megan Fox hot sexy' Got 100 views overnight too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

99 fletching...

Finally, it's over. I could cover this post in pictures, but for once I won't.

Skillcape looks very nice, and 'Operate' gets me 100 fletching. It still says 'Next Level At: .....' even though I have 99 fletching though!

Too excited and happy to post this properly!

Friday, August 10, 2007

10m Fletching

Hmm, I think I'm becoming obsessed, just passed the 10m fletching xp milestone. Only about 3m left! After 99 Fletching, I'm gonna get 80 mage by buying Yew Logs, Bowstrings and Nats, making the bows, then alching them whilst farming! Farming was a bit low so I thought why not...

Also, added a new banner at the top since the old one was getting a bit rusty.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

3d Render

Got bored of fletching, so tried my hand at 3D rendering again. Trying out a new program, haven't quite got the hang of it yet though. Here is a quick render of a basic gold ring, alongside the original.

Now I'm going to try adding gems onto the ring.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't been posting much, still working my way through fletching, 95 at the moment, nearly 96.

Anyway, the real reason I posted was that I have found such a funny thread, look at it here.

Here's my 2 favourite ones so far:

And, 250th post :D

Monday, August 6, 2007

Runescape Interface

Runescape's interface has been completely redone, including trade windows to include clan chat. To be honest, this pisses me off a bit as I will never use clan chat, yet it takes up plenty of space all over the interface. This update is too big for me to cover properly, you'll just have to look yourself.

Virus Warning

Just a quick warning, NOT to open ANY attachments from unknown senders. This includes image files such as .gif & .jpg, as they can now contain viruses. For a more detailed explanation, please click here.

The most common ones I have seen are raroru.gif and ieieaa.gif

Also, remember NEVER to open .zip files, always ask your friends to send each file separately so each can be virus scanned.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Comments on future updates

Just looked through the latest Runescape "Behind the Scenes". Lots of interesting updates to come, here's the ones I think matter the most.

Clan Chat
From Runescape: You'll be able to set up your own chat channel that you and your clan-mates can use to keep in touch with each other, as well as being able to rank the members in your chat channel, control who can talk, and much, much more.

Updates to some item's description.

Making dangerous areas look more dangerous.

Looks improvement.
A big update to the choice of clothes for our players. Also, during the first week of release, all changes to appearance will be free!

Themed worlds.
A new column will be added to the world select screen showing which worlds are commonly used for minigames etc.

New God War dungeon.
Unsure if the dungeon will be part of a quest or just a new area, but apparently will feature extremely powerful followers of Zamorak and Saradomin. Also, there will be a massive Bandos army, which sounds exciting.