Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not bob


Not Bob:

So, you're meant to download the card from here, give it to your friend. They then go to RS's fb page, and view the instructions to make a terrible looking origami cat. Which by the way, looks nothing like Bob.

I don't see the point. If you have a friend who plays RS (because those two go hand in hand), the promotion is unnecessary. If they don't play RS, they're going to visit the site looking forward to awesome origami instructions. They'll be disappointed.


In other news, Bethesda are releasing the tools they used to make Skyrim for free to the public in January, for modding purposes. Nice when the game's company does things just to be kind to it's players, not to force them into paying more.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Kicker stayed red even when he dropped the flag. Why.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skyrim: Fix for Captain Aldis glitch

If you choose the Stormcloaks, and beat all of the missions, Captain Aldis (an imperial) won't appear in the Solitude courtyard anymore, presumably because all imperial spawns are stopped.

To fix this, go to an isolated (non-stormcloak, they attack on sight) area, and use the console to enter:
player.placeatme 00041FB8

This spawns him next to you, and he'll talk to you about any misc tasks you might have that involve him, namely finding out about Solitude's apothecary owner's daughter.

Alteration & Alchemy powertraining

Okay, so I've worked out my first version of powertraining Alchemy + Alteration levels. I still need to refine it.

  1. Fast Travel to Riften.
  2. When you enter, take a right, go down the stairs and across the walkway, you'll be at an ingredients shop. Buy out their entire stock. Leave.
  3. Fast Travel to Markath.
  4. Take a left, make your way up to the blacksmith. Buy all her iron ore, usually 1-6. Just past this is an ingredients shop. Buy out their entire stock. Leave.
  5. Aaaaand repeat.
Now, the Alteration part involves casting Transmute Ore as you run from the Fast Travel location to the shops. Even with low magicka, you can easily transmute about the same amount of ores as you can buy.

  • Trip takes about 24.2 hours, meaning you can do this many times before the .2's add up, and the shops close.
  • Quickest way (that I know) of gaining Alchemy ingredients.
  • Profitable way of training Alteration.

  • Not quite enough iron ore can be bought to transmute (maybe investing will help?)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Skyrim: Fix for Markath guard glitch

Okay, so after helping the prisoners break out of jail, if a single NPC survived (almost guaranteed) then when you return, the guards will all try and talk to you. However, since it thinks you might still be on the jail breakout quest, the conversation just loops forever.

Here's the fix:

  1. Walk into Markath, weapons sheathed, so the guard will talk to you.
  2. When he's finished, and the dialog options pop up, open the console (button above tab).
  3. Click his head, and his hex code will appear. Then type "paycrimegold" into the console.
  4. You'll hear a coin noise, and your bounty will be removed from your cash pile. (it can be over 10k, mine was only 2500 or so).
  5. Leave the city, wander around the guards a bit, a coupla might talk to you, just tab out and they'll leave you alone.
  6. When you reenter, they'll aggro towards your follower, but will behave like normal towards you.
As I said, a few of the guards will still be glitched, and you'll have to go through the conversation once to fix it.

Oh, and here's a screenshot of a dragon that attacked Riverwood (the starting town) and killed my favourite blacksmith :(

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cw playstyle

I think my way of "playing" cw (resting, making the occasional odd statement) has spread to my other ingame activities.