Sunday, December 31, 2006


Woot 65. =þ

Now Going For 80 Fletching, If only Somebody Would Sell Yew Logs FFS!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Had A Brief Break To Get 40 Herblore, But Now, To Finally Do Heroes! Thanks To The Help Of Edymybrother (Donated Harralander When I Really Needed), Should be Able To Do This Easily!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I Failed At Getting 40 Slayer Lmao. Haven't Posted Recently Becasue Of Xmas, And Been Cutting, Stringing And Alching 4k Yew Longs...Very Hard Work..

Anyway, Got Tons Of Choccy For Xmas, Plus, Got This Nifty Phone:

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Méléé / Sláyér

Got 68 Def And 70 Str, But Got Bored. So Going To get 40 Slayer.

Ho Hum!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Woodcutting Finally Done!

Now To Get 70 Str And Def!
Melee Equip:
Drag Legs.
Drag Helm.
Zamorak Platebody.
Rune Boots.
Amulet Of Glory.
Ring of Wealth.
Obsidian Shield.
Obsidian Cape.
+ Sharks.


Right, Got to 69 Woodcutting, Thought I would take a break. So, gonna fletch 2k of my recently cut willow logs. This will get me up to 73. Ho Hum...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Offence. (Old)

(This Was A Loooong Time Ago)

Right, I Was Prank-Messaging A Mate, And Was Pretending To Be Some Auto-System Or Whatever. Here Is Evidence:

To fizziwig2006: ok
From fizziwig2006: Item Deliver. Pass deliver. info finder. complete takeover.
To fizziwig2006: shut up and turn off
From fizziwig2006: select an option.
To fizziwig2006: turn off
From fizziwig2006: Security system turned off.
From fizziwig2006: Would you like to access the current account?
To fizziwig2006: who are u
From fizziwig2006: Do you want to access this account's bank account?
To fizziwig2006: shut up
From fizziwig2006: Accessed. Account balance: 3million. Do you wish to transfer to yours?
To fizziwig2006: im putting u on my ignore list
From fizziwig2006: Do you wish to transfer 3 million gp to your account?

I Was Just Making Sure He Wouldn't Take My Money If He Had A Chance.
On With The Rant:

How The Hell Is That Impersonating Jagex Staff? Did I Say At Any Time I Was Jagex? NO!

Explanation of why appeal was denied:
Thank you for your appeal.
We are sorry to inform you that this appeal has been denied.
We have conclusive evidence that you were in control of the account at the time of the offence and for this reason this offence will remain on your account.
We suggest you take some time to remind yourself of the Rules of RuneScape before you start playing again!
RuneScape Customer Support

Like What The Fuck? Didn't Say I Wasn't In Control!

Now I Have 0.5 Out Of 10 Blackmarks On My Account. What The Hell Is The Point Of Having 0.5 Blackmarks? Might As Well Just Delete It!

Also, I Think That Has Killed My Chances Of Becoming A P-Mod. (Player Moderator).

I'm Only Ranting About This Now Because I Only Just Remembered It. =]

Runescape Stuff.

Record Of A Message Sent To Jagex:

Dear Jagex,
This is more of a request than a comment, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it. Now, my name is Fizziwig2006, In 2007, My name will seem out of place. I'm asking that you change the 2006 to a 2007, On the forums and the actual game. I know the account Fizziwig2007 has already been registered, but I made that account, and I can prove it.

Mod Vicki

Hi Fizziwig2006,

Thank you for contacting RuneScape Customer Support.

Thank you for your message about wanting to change your account name.

Alas there is no way to change your name in the game as of yet, however there is something very unique and super top secret (so much that this email may actually self destruct) coming soon that may help you. Watch this space and the RuneScape homepage...

I hope that this helps resolve your problem.

Good luck.

Please always refer to the RuneScape Knowledge Base to find the answer to your queries quicker.

You can also find help on all free player and all new member quests through the QuestHelp system.

Yours Sincerely
Mod Vicki

15-Dec-2006 08:17

So, Something New Coming Out Soon That Might Help Me? Hmm. =]

Saturday, December 9, 2006


Mining Was Very Easy, Took Under An Hour, Unlike This Task.

Training Woodcutting From 66-70 Is Gonna Be Tricky, But I Can Do It!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


With Ranging Finally Finished I Decided To Go Power-Mining On Coal In Al Kharid, Quite Easy To Do, 18k Unti Level 60! =]

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Zezima's Quiet Walk....(v)

The Hordes Attack Again!

Zezima's Vid Of Beggars. (v)

Lmao, Note The Amount Of People That Talk To Him? Someone Said "I Praise You", Lmfao.
Funny Video.

Guy Goes Nuts With Rubber Chicken (v)

Apparently There Are 48 Whacks In The Video. It's Sort Of A Spoof Of The Fally Massacre.

Massive Clan War (v)

You Gotta Love The Random Greater Demon In There Lmao!

Level 110 Running Like Fuck (v)

Lmao, About 30 Mages Chasing Down Some Level 110. Best Bit Is, He Escapes!

Runescape Wildy War (v)

Nice Pking Video

Falador Massacre (v)

On The Sixth Day Of The Sixth Month Of The Sixth Year, A Small Bug Was Found In The Runescape Coding. Many Hackers, Including Myself, Exploited This Bug, And Created The Falador Massacre. This Video Was Sent To Me By Durial, Since He Was The Only One Who Thought About It Enough To Film It. >.<


I'm Ranging Moss Giants With Iron Arrows Now...
4k Arrows Left....Whilst Burying Bones I Got Gravedigger, Now I Have Full Zombie! Picture Will Be Up Soon.

Friday, December 1, 2006


Just making 81 Energy Pots. =]

Herby 33. =P


Meant to be getting Thieving to 40 by stealing cakes, But can't be arsed so playing Settlers. =]

Wow. Thieving Was Easy!