Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ha ha, this actually made me laugh:

So I responded with:

Good fight...

EDIT: He got scared and removed video, I'm keeping mine up though.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lady Sovereign - Random

Lady Sovereign - Random

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Well, my lady sovereign video has been doing alright on YouTube.
If you search:
"Random" - 5th
"Lady Sovereign" - 4th
"Lady Sov" - 4th
"Sovereign" - 4th
"Lady Sovereign Random" - 1st!

And 3 people have ripped the vid off me...

I don't even like it that much :s

PS: I am 76% of the way to 99 fishing -- same level needed for sharks!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Thanks to Pro-KB, I worked out that 80 farming will take me about 38 days, and cost me 9.3m or so. That's a lot, but then I can leave farming for ages.

So with the cash from 99 fish, I am going to get 80/99 crafting, 80 construction and 80 farming. If I do say so myself, that's some pretty sweet stats!

PS: Pro-KB aka I Can Pray I is ftw. Really friendly, and I swear to god he knows everything.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speed Farming

Later today I am going to try a new technique of farming: Speed Farming.

If I do it properly, I can do 8 maples per day! I think I might just stop using pineapples if Speed Farming works. Here is the video I am using as a guide, and this is the order I will do it in:
  • Lumbridge
    • Behind Castle (Home Teleport)
  • Catherby
    • Fruit Tree on Beach (Camelot Teleport)
  • Falador
    • Falador Park (Walk from Catherby)
  • Taverley
    • East side (Walk from Falador)
  • Varrock
    • Inside Castle (Varrock Teleport)
Runes needed: 1 fire, 8 air, 2 law.

I'm not doing the whole system, for a couple of reasons:
1. If I just do normal trees, I can get 2 sets per day.
2. It's too fucking complicated!

As long as I remember the order, I should be fine. The first couple of times it will be tricky, but will get a lot easier once it becomes automatic.

EDIT: Alright, I've done a round, here's my invent pic from it:

Tinderbox for burning logs.
Axe for cutting trees.
Spade for digging up stumps.
Crossbow for using Catherby cliff short cut.
Maple seedlings for planting.
Baskets of oranges for bribing.
Runes for teleports to Camelot and Varrock.
Games necklace for teleport to Fishing Guild.
Pineapple seedling + watermelons for the morning farming run.


Well, since my big shark needs 76 con to hang, I need to get 80.

Assuming I flatpack carved oak tables, this will cost me 12.7m.

Also, add a couple of mil for upgrades, new rooms, etc etc etc.

This time, I am only going to upgrade everything when I get 80, instead of as soon as I can do it. I did this last time, and I ended up removing stuff that had only been in my house for a level or two.

So it's gonna just be pure table making for a couple of weeks when I get round to it... Fun...

Oh yea, and I will need 28k oak planks.

BIG shark

Yay got a big shark whilst fishing! It's a shame I can't hang it yet, guess I'll have to train construction until I can. Not for a while though.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Craft & Sharks

Well, I've been fishing sharks, made about 6m so far. I like it, because I can do lots of other stuff, since barely any clicking is required.

Also, I can't say how I'm going to do it, otherwise prices will change, but 80 craft will cost me 1.44m, and 99 craft will cost me 12.56m! I ought to do these pretty soon, since craft is useful, and prices may change soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

95 Woodcutting

I got 95 wc, now I can experience the boredom that is shark fishing...

At least 95-99 will make me 35 or so mil, and I will have actually worked hard for my cape, instead of a couple of weeks fly fishing.

Thanks to M1ster Min0r and Holden0105 for saying grats!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Exchange Database

Heh, Jagex finally released a Grand Exchange Marketplace!

I love it, I can now accurately check the prices of items, know how much profit / loss I will make doing something, instead of just guessing. Unfortunately, the search needs a lot of improving.

For example, search Pure Essence, and Pure Essence is the 5th item! If you search Yew Longbow, a Yew Longbow is actually the 15th result!

This really needs improving, I wasn't using slang words for the items, I was typing them exactly as they appear in-game, yet they aren't easily found?

Also, if I buy Yew Longbows (580 ea), and Pure Essence (145 ea) to craft into Nats, I make a profit of 43 per alch! Alching for profit..?

Let's assume that prices stay the same. I need to do approximately 51k alchs, so that's a profit of nearly 2.2m!

51k nats will also very nearly get me to 70 runecrafting, which is pretty cool. I guess if I do 5k nats, 5k alchs, I won't get too bored.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Zamorak Prayer Clothes

I just spent a couple of mil on a new set of clothes; Zamorak Vestments.

I also got 95 fishing, which means that once I get 95 woodcutting, I can take a short break, for some hunter, and maybe some mage.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

60 Farm

I got 60 farm, but I'm still enjoying it, so I might as well keep on going.

I've been doing maple trees and pineapple trees in Catherby & Taverley. I can use my Amulet of Nature to tell me when Maple tree is ready, and check on my pineapple as I pass. Also, I have learnt how to use the Catherby Cliff Shortcut, and it is very useful and saves a lot of time.

I reckon I will keep going until 65 or 70, but there is nothing I really want to plant, so it doesn't matter. Long term, I want to get 85 so that I can use Spirit Trees, since I can put them in strategic places to help me get around.

On the other hand, 85 is fucking hard...

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Site

Well, I finally bought, so I'm going to try and get the blog moved over there.

It isn't designed properly or anything at the moment, I am just getting the general layout sorted. I'm going to be updating it pretty much every day.

For an update on the progress of my site, head over to the Development Blog.

Thanks to Danny for unlimited hosting, and to for selling it cheap!