Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where I Train

Att / Str / Def / HP: Pest Control
Ranged: West Of Seers ( Moss Giants )
Prayer: West Of Seers ( Moss Giants )
Magic: Taverly Dungeon ( Black Demons )
Runecraft: Al Kharid ( Fire Altar )
Construction: Rimmington
Agility: Agility Pyramid
Herblore: Falador
Thieving: Ardougne
Crafting: Seers
Fletching: Lumby Basement
Slayer: N/A
Hunter: Ice Birds
Mining: Al Kharid
Smithing: Varrock West Anvil
Fishing: Fishing Guild
Cooking: Fishing Guild
Firemaking: Draynor
Woodcutting: Draynor
Farming: Catherby Patch