Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Although I've only been woodcutting (89 now), I've been keeping myself busy with Scrubs, South Park, PS2 etc.

Also, I've been making plans...

Here is the *current* version, but it will most likely change:
  • 90 Woodcutting (89)
  • 80 Firemaking (70, but I have bought enough maples for 98!)
  • 80 Ranged (70, at hellhounds)
  • 35 / ? Summoning (16, depends on how many charms I get from hells)
I chose hellhounds because they are quite weak, give regular charms (need 1k golds for 35 summoning), and also give the occasional clue scroll, which will give me a chance to have a break...and because Baccannis told me to!