Monday, March 24, 2008


Since I'm going to be doing a lot of alching, I've been looking into ways of making it easier, short of macroing.

I will alch either in a popular non-aggressive killing spot (E.G Barrows) and pick up / alch some things, or in Puro-Puro, so I can catch magpie implings and make a bit of money.

Either way, going to be a lot of work...

Unless I use StickyKeys! I only just discovered it, it's a system program on Windows, where the numpad can be used to control the mouse. '5' is click, '+' is double-click, '8' is move north, etc. Means I can use any finger to alch, making it a lot easier on my hands.

Alright, so I'm not sure if magpie implings have a fixed respawn, but this is what they drop:
I will need to get a magic butterfly net: 3x Gourmet, 2x Earth, 1x Essence. It lasts forever.

Since jars break sometimes, when I have 8 left, I will catch crappy implings like young and stuff, then trade for 3x jars (18). I don't think it is worth getting a jar creator.