Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Updates

I took a quick look at this month's Behind The Scenes, and saw there were a few updates that sounded pretty good.
  • An update to cats, so that they look better.
  • Update to Troll Stronghold, so I can claim 20kxp whenever I want.
  • Party Pete going all groovy with afros and dance moves.
  • An improved Jad, to look MORE scary!
  • Quick Chat, using keyboard shortcuts to type common phrases.
  • Level up messages won't be interrupted by combat, and will be a lot more informative.
  • Random Statistic Signs, to give us interesting, but useless information.
  • Grind X, so that choc dust making etc a lot easier.
  • And a new wallpaper!
Quick Chat sounds interesting, not sure how it will work. I guess we'll have to hope Jagex do a decent job.

Most looking forward to: Levelling up message improvement.