Sunday, November 23, 2008

Champion's Challenge

One of my greatest goals on RuneScape has always been regarding Champion's Challenge scrolls. These are extremely rare drops from certain monsters, and enable you to fight the leader of a race. If you manage to defeat all the race leaders, you can challenge the human champion (Leon D'Cour). According to Jagex; "Once you have defeated the Champion of Champions, you will have proved yourself as a true champion of RuneScape."

There are 10 champions, 1 for each race. This is where I am going to fight these races, and hopefully get a scroll:

  1. Imp Champion - God Wars Dungeon, because they do not teleport away, and it is the only place where more than 1 imp can be found.
  2. Goblin Champion - Goblin Village, because there is a high concentration of them here, and other players won't come here.
  3. Skeleton Champion - Digsite Dungeon, because there are many of them here, and I doubt anyone except the occasional quester will come.
  4. Zombie Champion - Either Varrock Sewers  or Stronghold of Security (level 2), I think varrock sewers may be more crowded though, because people use curse spells on them.
  5. Hobgoblin Champion - Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, as there are quite a few here, but people are usually only in this dungeon for the ice giant, ice warriors, and skeletal wyverns.
  6. Giant Champion - Possibly Taverley Dungeon, because even though there aren't many there, they will be easier to get, since most people do not know there are any here.
  7. Ghoul Champion - These can only be found north west of canifis, so I will kill them here.
  8. Earth Warrior Champion - Earth Warriors can only be found in Edgeville Dungeon, and the Chaos Tunnels, and I think I will fight them in Edgeville, just so I don't have to bother with food / guthans.
  9. Jogre Champion - The pothole dungeon on Karamja  is full of just these, so is best by far. 
  10. Lesser Demon Champion - I will use the same place as I do for slayer, inside Taverley Dungeon. These are quite good xp too.