Saturday, May 22, 2010


For now, I'm just fishing a few hundred sharks, so I have plenty of food if I need it. Once I get my account back, here's the plan:
  • Organise my bank, sell anything I don't need, and put it all into tabs.
  • Buy stuff I need for slayer, and do that for a long time.
For slayer, I need:

Melee Equipment:
Full Slayer Helmet (bonus 15% when using range + mage!)
Fire Cape (if I still have)
Dragonfire Shield (fully charged)

Fire Runes
Nature Runes
Slayer Gem
Healing method, guthans for now (4 spots), sgs soon.
Few sharks

The rest of the space will be for drops from tasks. I will modify this if I need to though.

I also want to try completing all quests eventually, only 65 left so... maybe, if I have nothing else to do.