Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Task System

Well, along with a few other updates, Jagex released the task system today. As soon as I logged in, I was assaulted with notifications that I had completed 3 tasks, without moving a muscle. Righto.

So, this is the evolution of the Achievement Diaries we all know and love.

On first glance, this system makes no sense, with colours, ticks, and icons everywhere. After a few minutes however, its overall structure reveals itself.

The task system is divided into sections for each location, just like the achievement diaries.
The coloured circle on the bottom right of each task icon indicates its difficulty.

  • Green: Easy
  • Red: Medium
  • White: Hard
  • Purple: Elite
  • Lock: Requirements not met

If a tick is displayed on the task icon, and it has a gold border, you have completed it.