Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clan Citadels

Another week, another clan update from Jagex.

This time, it's in what appears to be large clan-owned areas, "Clan Citadels", presumably similar to POHs.

The main aim of this seems to be to get money out of the game to counter the inflation issue that plagues Runescape.

Of course, as usual, this will likely be very rarely used, just like the Clan Camp. Whatever features are offered, it'll be interesting to see how Jagex tries to motivate players to spend their time here, instead of training their skills / earning money.
Working together, you’ll gather the resources and materials needed to build and maintain your realm, with tiered progression. Enjoy the fruits of your labour as you proudly watch your Citadel grow to become ever grander.
Perhaps it will function like a minigame, requiring clan members to perform activities in order to improve certain sections. If this is the case, I suspect the huge range of customisation options will be similar to Player Owned Houses, in that there are individual sections (rooms), that can be placed in various locations on the plot of land, and each has different components (hotspots) that can be upgraded.

Perhaps instead it will function like the Kingdom Management miniquest, but without the profit, whereby the clan has to effectively allocate their scarce resources in order to maximise Citadel improvement.

The concept art looks quite impressive, and seem to show some sort of entry portal on the island separate from the mainland.

This feature will be released on the 26th July 2011.