Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Misc Summoning Calcs

Alright, going to leave Waterfiends for a bit once I've got 10k crimsons.

I've got a lev 97 summoning effigy, and am leaving all effigies banked that require summoning for now, as well as using dragonkin lamps on it, so a few hundred k xp will be gained freely.

Turns out summoning is a lot cheaper than I thought... if you make the right pouches. Also, I'll be doing all this with a 10% xp boost, due to either bonus xp weekend, or refer a friend program.

Curr-95 requires 4.2k crimsons (for swamp titans), and costs 5.7gp/xp.
95-96 requires 2.1k crimsons (for iron titans), and costs 4.1gp/xp.
96-99 required 7.9k crimsons (for pack yaks), and costs 4.3gp/xp

Gold charms (barker toads) are 1.9gp/xp.

Green charms (unicorn stallions) are 11.6gp/xp.

Blue charms (geyser titans) are 6.3gp/xp.

Which means I need to put in offers for:
4.2k swamp lizards (swamp titans).
2.1k iron platebodies (iron titans)
As many swamp toads as gold charms (barker toads).
As many water talismans as blue charms (geyser titans).

As for pack yaks and green charms, I'll just wait until I'm done with my current tasks before trying those.

But, yeah, if we assume 10gp/xp, which it is clearly MUCH less than, that's only 60m from my current level. It's probably close to half that, so I think I'll easily have enough money. Yay!