Saturday, September 3, 2011

93 Dung & 5:5 & Chaotic

I've done some duo's / trio's before, and quite a bit of solo, but this was my first time doing a 5:5 with a group of strangers, from the Relaxed_Dung friend chat. It went pretty well, had a little bit of an issue understanding what to do, but after about half the dung I understood it all. Very, very nice people in there, one even made me some lovely prom arrows to bind.

Got 93 dung, floor 47, but that's not particularly interesting. I *really* need to get myself a shadow silk hood, it's putting me at a real disadvantage. I'll have to start exploring de's, which I usually just ignore.

Also got about 270k tokens, easily enough for my first Chaotic. I think I'll likely buy the Rapier, it seems the most popular, and suitable for PvM and PvB combat.