Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Offence. (Old)

(This Was A Loooong Time Ago)

Right, I Was Prank-Messaging A Mate, And Was Pretending To Be Some Auto-System Or Whatever. Here Is Evidence:

To fizziwig2006: ok
From fizziwig2006: Item Deliver. Pass deliver. info finder. complete takeover.
To fizziwig2006: shut up and turn off
From fizziwig2006: select an option.
To fizziwig2006: turn off
From fizziwig2006: Security system turned off.
From fizziwig2006: Would you like to access the current account?
To fizziwig2006: who are u
From fizziwig2006: Do you want to access this account's bank account?
To fizziwig2006: shut up
From fizziwig2006: Accessed. Account balance: 3million. Do you wish to transfer to yours?
To fizziwig2006: im putting u on my ignore list
From fizziwig2006: Do you wish to transfer 3 million gp to your account?

I Was Just Making Sure He Wouldn't Take My Money If He Had A Chance.
On With The Rant:

How The Hell Is That Impersonating Jagex Staff? Did I Say At Any Time I Was Jagex? NO!

Explanation of why appeal was denied:
Thank you for your appeal.
We are sorry to inform you that this appeal has been denied.
We have conclusive evidence that you were in control of the account at the time of the offence and for this reason this offence will remain on your account.
We suggest you take some time to remind yourself of the Rules of RuneScape before you start playing again!
RuneScape Customer Support

Like What The Fuck? Didn't Say I Wasn't In Control!

Now I Have 0.5 Out Of 10 Blackmarks On My Account. What The Hell Is The Point Of Having 0.5 Blackmarks? Might As Well Just Delete It!

Also, I Think That Has Killed My Chances Of Becoming A P-Mod. (Player Moderator).

I'm Only Ranting About This Now Because I Only Just Remembered It. =]