Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drag0n Ax3

Yay. Some idiot person bought my 30k c lobs for 200 ea! They are going on the forums for like 130 each. So then I had 9.5m or so, and bought dragon hatchet (woodcutting axe). I then sold my fury, so I still have about 9.3m left. I've never passed 10m...

Anyway, here's a pic of how good it looks when it is broken and fixed.

I have since changed the games necklace to a strung rabbit's foot, it's meant to get me more bird's nests, I can't see a difference though! Also, I think I have got about 300-400k in seeds now! Someone's gonna be getting an xmas present...

Oh yeah, and I now have 2x red, blue and green bird's eggs, and a raven's egg! When you examine the egg, it says "This can be hatched in an incubator". Bit of a giveaway? Ah well, at least I can have a raven following me! I'm glad I did woodcutting now, so I get all of these eggs.