Thursday, December 20, 2007

Summoning! (Part 4)

Okay, latest development diary has just been released, here's my favourite bits from it:

In testing, there was a bug where a player could obtain unlimited followers, leading to almost invincibility.

Summoning will cause max level to rise from 126 to 138.

Cockatrices can be summoned at 43, and pet dogs at level 1.

Wolf Whistle will be a quest that acts as a tutorial to summoning, so I'm gonna have to do it.

So it has been confirmed that summoning will play a vital role in combat, since it causing an increase in combat of 12 levels.

Well, with any luck, I'll be on those highscores in no time, and the first to 99 summoning. Alright, maybe not, since I have a life.