Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speed Farming

Later today I am going to try a new technique of farming: Speed Farming.

If I do it properly, I can do 8 maples per day! I think I might just stop using pineapples if Speed Farming works. Here is the video I am using as a guide, and this is the order I will do it in:
  • Lumbridge
    • Behind Castle (Home Teleport)
  • Catherby
    • Fruit Tree on Beach (Camelot Teleport)
  • Falador
    • Falador Park (Walk from Catherby)
  • Taverley
    • East side (Walk from Falador)
  • Varrock
    • Inside Castle (Varrock Teleport)
Runes needed: 1 fire, 8 air, 2 law.

I'm not doing the whole system, for a couple of reasons:
1. If I just do normal trees, I can get 2 sets per day.
2. It's too fucking complicated!

As long as I remember the order, I should be fine. The first couple of times it will be tricky, but will get a lot easier once it becomes automatic.

EDIT: Alright, I've done a round, here's my invent pic from it:

Tinderbox for burning logs.
Axe for cutting trees.
Spade for digging up stumps.
Crossbow for using Catherby cliff short cut.
Maple seedlings for planting.
Baskets of oranges for bribing.
Runes for teleports to Camelot and Varrock.
Games necklace for teleport to Fishing Guild.
Pineapple seedling + watermelons for the morning farming run.