Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Exchange Database

Heh, Jagex finally released a Grand Exchange Marketplace!

I love it, I can now accurately check the prices of items, know how much profit / loss I will make doing something, instead of just guessing. Unfortunately, the search needs a lot of improving.

For example, search Pure Essence, and Pure Essence is the 5th item! If you search Yew Longbow, a Yew Longbow is actually the 15th result!

This really needs improving, I wasn't using slang words for the items, I was typing them exactly as they appear in-game, yet they aren't easily found?

Also, if I buy Yew Longbows (580 ea), and Pure Essence (145 ea) to craft into Nats, I make a profit of 43 per alch! Alching for profit..?

Let's assume that prices stay the same. I need to do approximately 51k alchs, so that's a profit of nearly 2.2m!

51k nats will also very nearly get me to 70 runecrafting, which is pretty cool. I guess if I do 5k nats, 5k alchs, I won't get too bored.