Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Runescape High Detail

Oh my fucking god.

It's here.

RS HD is finally here, and I managed to play it.

You simply would not believe how bloody AMAZING it ALL is. Everything has been redone, everything looks breathtaking... I just can't explain how amazing it is.

And then I found the fullscreen button...

Thoughtfully, they've let us widescreen monitor owners change the resolution. Now, having RS, in the new detail mode, on a widescreen monitor... It's amazing.

Unfortunately, I was only on for about 15 minutes, generally gasping with shock at every new screen, when all servers crashed, due to the sheer amount of data being transferred. I only made my way around Lumbridge and Al Kharid, but I liked what I saw.

Good points:
  • Water, it is amazing.
  • Player detail.
  • The oasis in Al Kharid.
  • Fuck it, EVERYTHING!!

Bad point:
  • Overall, nothing too bad, but I'm a moaner, so:
  • High Alch spell is now harder to time.
  • Chat box is a bit hard to see.
  • For now, the different menus are tricky to navigate.
  • Lots of empty space on the screen.
It is very, very good though. I can only imagine how Castle Wars is now, with new graphics, and the hectic gameplay that has made it famous.

Good luck getting to experience it!

PS: Members only, kthx.