Thursday, June 17, 2010


When I finally make it to 91 slayer, I'm going to take a break to properly train mining.

I'll probably use granite up to 77, when I can use the lovely Living Rock Caverns; easy, fast, profitable, afk mining xp. Mine concentrated coal from 77-80, and if I'm still enjoying it there, then I will mine gold up to 85 or so, and smith this with gold gauntlets for good smithing xp (especially with the 20 stealing creation hammers I have saved up!)

I still need to think what I'm going to do about having a familiar boost my mining, and I will need to do tests to see if the bonus ores are worth the cost of the familiar. Although, the extra xp will probably be worth it alone.

I need 83 for a lava titan, which provides a mining boost of 10, so I may have to get summoning up first, to speed up my mining xp.