Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Event Summary

To start:
Tele to deamonheim, and speak to... the hatless Santa at the rewards trader.

1st Room:
Watch the pattern, match it. Repeat 3 times.
Pick up the snowman stuff, and leave.

2nd Room:
Move one "icicle block" at a time, as soon as you see the angel turn it's back. Don't try and do 2 at once, and yes, it is frustrating.

3rd Room:
Pick up trinket of sealification on floor.
Slide across the floor, using the onscreen arrows, and remember to press a bit before you want to turn.

4th Room:
Pick a door, and try and get through it, only one will work.
This door is unique to you, so make a note of it, and just work your way through by trial and error.
My doors were: 2, 2, 3, 2.

5th Room:
Just wait until the crab with a hat pops up, click him, and you'll try to catch him.
Usually you miss, eventually you catch him.

Speak to Santa.

Santa cannon, which has a 9x9 Snowsplosion emote, with snow splattering all around.
Salty claws hat, a wearable crab wearing a hat. Wow.
Seal of approval emote, where the player transforms into a seal and claps.

Access to:
- A large snow fight area, with a shortcut to pelt people, and lots of snow.
- A snowman creating area, also with snow.
- An ice skating area, with small sand piles to rest on.
- Giant xmas tree.
- A minigame based on the 3rd room, where you slide into different holes for different points.