Saturday, December 4, 2010

Farming (Herb) Notes

Herb patch locations:
North of ardougne (Ardy tele)
Catherby (Camelot tele)
Haunted woods (ALQ)
Port sarim (Falador tele)

NEW farm run:
Teleport to camelot, run to the herb patch, then fruit tree patch.
Take glider to grand tree, and use fruit tree there.
Take spirit tree to gnome village, and use fruit tree there.
Teleport to ardougne, use the herb patch north, then take boat to brim.
Teleport to falador, and run south to herb patch.
Glory to edge, and use fairy ring ALQ for haunted woods patch.

NEW inventory:
Gardening trowel.
Seed dibber
10 laws, waters, airs.
5 palm tree saplings.
60 papayas.
4 herb seeds.
4 supercomposts.
A glory with at least one charge.

NEW herb invent:
10 laws, 10 waters, 10 airs
4 kwuarm seeds
4 supercomposts
Seed dibber
Magic sec