Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25/05/11 Update Summary

Death Hats
Hats that change appearance depending amount of kills. Can also transform wearer into a statue showing "kill/death ratio", "all time most valuable kill", and other stats.

Draynor Village & Manor Graphical Update.

Summoning Toggle
At the altar, can now hide all pouches you don't currently have the level / items to create.

'Make-All' options
- Opening coconuts with a hammer.
- Filling vials with coconut milk.
- Adding feathers to bolts.
- Adding seeds to plantpots.

Left Clickable Bosses
All God Wars bosses, Dagannoth Kings, King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, Bork, Skeletal Horror, tormented demons, dark beasts, iron/steel/mithril dragons, strykewyrms and mutated bloodvelds.

Easier Nitroglycerin Creation

Fast Reset Option
Can now easily reset progress at Barbarian Assault Minigame.

Bob Barter can now decant 4 dose potions into 2/3 dose.

Faster travel from Grand Tree -> Ape Atoll.

Grand exchange + bird's nest drop notifications are now easier to see.

Golden mining outfit can now be used with varrock armour.

Ability to login to RS using Facebook