Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bobster125 @ Aberrant Spectres

As I was going to a Nechryael task, I saw a grave in the Aberrant Spectres area. I looked the guy up, he was 131 combat with 85 slayer. Needless to say, I was very curious as to how he managed to die here... I blessed for him, he then added me and explained it to me. 

He had just got 71 agility, and thought the chain shortcut went into the Bloodveld area, so didn't bring a nosepeg / slayer helmet. He tried it, went up into spectres, and basically panicked, and took a few hits up there, then tried to get back down. Of course, the spectres lower stats, so he couldn't get back down the shortcut, so was stuck up there. 

He was very relieved to have saved his fire cape and items, so he gave me 2 prayer potions, which I thought was a fitting reward, since I had spent prayer on him.

Hopefully this'll encourage him to be more careful about entering new areas, and maybe, just maybe, he'll take the time to bless my grave one day when I need it...