Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rant about gloves

I just want to take a bit of time to talk about the 'Gloves' from Recipe from Disaster's culinaromancer's chest.

First of all, the names. All 10 of them have the EXACT same name. Seriously, what is the point? They are clearly bronze through to dragon, they are the right colours, right order. Just acknowledge that they are metal gloves, instead of giving them all the same generic name.

Also, the barrows one. Why is this here? Barrows armour isn't metal, and doesn't follow the normal pattern of bronze through to dragon. What they *should* have done is created a completely new item, e.g "Culinaromancer's Gloves", and made the Culinaromancer at the end of Recipe for Disaster drop them. You could either buy them from the chest like the others, or have to kill just the Culinaromancer again. They could stand out just as much as the current Barrows Gloves do, but would just make more sense.

Now, the pricing.
Basic - 50gp
Bronze - 130gp
Iron - 325gp
Steel - 500gp
Black - 1000gp
Mithril - 1500gp
Adamant - 2500gp
Rune - 5000gp
Dragon - 100,000gp
Barrows - 100,000gp

I dunno why they can't seem to round bronze's price to 150, and iron's to 300... but anyway. All the way, the price increase by 50% - 200%, and that's fine. Then all of a sudden, from rune to dragon, the price increases 20x! Is dragon really 20x better? The price then stays the same for barrows gloves. If there was an unusual increase from dragon to barrows, I could understand, since it is top of the range, but NO increase!? What happened? Did they get bored of making new prices so just stuck at 100k? 

In my opinion, players should start with a basic pair of gloves than can be reobtained from Gypsy Aris at any time, and are upgraded after each miniquest. Maybe a fee of 10k to reobtain the gloves would be fair. Once players have got barrows gloves, are they really going to want black or mithril gloves?

I'm only suggesting the above since after each subquest, you are probably going to buy the best you can access, then do another subquest later on. This means you have these gloves cluttering up your bank, and they can't be sold back, or exchanged. Luckily they can be high alched for approx 40-50% loss, but you really shouldn't have to alch these.

So now, because I haven't completely finished it yet, I only have access to dragon gloves. However, I bought rune gloves beforehand, and it would be a waste to spend 100k on dragon gloves, then lose 40k when I get my barrows gloves. Much easier and cheaper to just use the 5k rune gloves...

Overall, these are good items, there are just a few design flaws.