Thursday, May 3, 2007

Achievement Diary

Just read about the Achievement Diary on the Runescape homepage, looks as if it will be very, very good!

Ever wondered what to do next? With the growing number of things to do in RuneScape, it’s no wonder that most of us spend a fair amount of time just imagining all the things we want to achieve. We've been thinking that it would be great to have a list of all the things you could do, and give some reward for doing them all. Naturally, this would be a huge project to release in one go, so starting the proceedings this month we will be bringing you… the Achievement Diary – Karamja Jungle Tasks.

Found in the quest interface, the diary button will display a list (similar to the music and quest list) of all the various tasks you can do in and around Brimhaven and the Karamja jungle. These tasks will be categorised as easy, medium or hard tasks, and completing each set will give you access to new rewards such as teleports, better shop prices and increased Agility rewards in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Easy tasks could be as simple as using the rope swing to get to the moss giant island, a medium task involves more skill (like trapping a horned graahk) while hard tasks include becoming the champion of the TzHaar Fight Pits!

Look out for more parts of the achievement diary to be released in the future!