Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Inspiration come to me

Following from last post about autoers, trying to think of ways to stop them.

So far:

Harder / More randoms? - No, would be annoying and autoers would find ways around.
Combat level limit on guild? - No, would be unfair on skillers.
Update to tutorial island? - Possibly, maybe have it split into, say, 5 sections, and they are in random order, stopping autoers hopefully, but still allowing guides to be written.
Update fishing? - Possibly, but fishing is pretty nice as it is, means I can do other things whilst I fish. But, I suppose, that helps autoers.
Make it harder for autos to react? - Possibly, maybe have it so that the message comes up in the chat screen or something, so only humans would notice it?

Well, until Jagex works something out, I'm gonna keep on thinking, and keep on reporting all autoers I see. Unfortunately, I can only report one every 60 seconds, so some manage to escape me =P