Saturday, May 26, 2007

GTA: San Andreas

As some of you know, I got San Andreas for PS2 about 6 months ago, and had just been using cheats and messing about in the game, without actually completing many missions. After a while, this got dull so I decided I would finally get on with the missions. About a week or two ago I completed "End of the line", the final mission, only to discover I was only on 75% completion!

By researching on the internet I discovered I needed to do many more things to get 100%. So far I have found all tags, all oysters, 48/50 horseshoes, done Vigilante missions & Ambulance missions and much more.

Anyway, here is what I still have to do, more as a list for myself than for you, but you're welcome to take a look.

Left to do for 100%:
Fire truck missions - Level 12.
Find all photo opportunitys.
Zero Missions: Supply lines & New model army.
Valet Parking - DONE
50 Taxi deliveries. - DONE
Hunter Quarry missions 1-7.
2-3 Las Venturas airport races.
BMX Challenge.
NRG-500 Challenge.
All chiliad races.
30 exports, currently on about 14.
Kickstart stadium.

Left to do for myself:
Get over $1000 for an insane jump, best so far is $920.
Fill all garages with GSF cars (Green, Nitro, fully modded), most done so far.

God, there's a lot more to do than I first thought, better get on with it.

PS: Currently on about 88%