Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rum Deal

As I write this, I am waiting for my Blindweed to grow.

I like the way that all equipment is provided to you in this quest. You search a cupboard, you get the stuff you need. If only it was always this way...

I thought it was quite funny my player being tricked by a pirate into helping, and it kinda makes fun of the whole "Adventurer" idea. Also, the way the main method of creating a diversion seems to be "Look, a distraction!".

Also, when you "Intimidate" a zombie swab, a message comes up saying "We interrupt this conversation to bring you a soothing picture of a kitten", and a giant kitten comes on screen, playing with wool! Very unexpected, but very cute!

AND, I like the way that when you walk around, the zombie protesters shout at you to come back, and all follow you around.

The level 150 Evil Spirit was so weak, it was unbelievable. It didn't deal any damage to me, and only took a few hits, it fought like a level 60!

Also, the result of all this is a bucket of "Unsanitary Swill", and the examine is "Sorry, I mean a bucket of 'rum'." This made me smile, as Jagex seem to have taken a humorous approach to this whole quest, and make it much more fun than usual.

Also, after some investigation, the Holy Wrench appears to be a waste of time...