Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slayer Reward Points

Well, now that I have 'learnt' everything from Slayer Masters, and there aren't any tasks that I don't like, I've started thinking about what to spend my points on.

A friend suggested to be that I buy 250 casts of magic dart.

This would cost 35 points, and give me 250 death runes + 1000 minds.
Deaths = 285 x 250 = 71,250.
Minds = 9 x 1000 = 9,000.

Therefore 35 points = 80,250gp.
Therefore 1 point = 2,292gp!

Therefore each task from Chaeldar will earn me 22,920gp, every 10th task from Duradel will earn me 171,900gp!

And every 50th task from Duradel will earn me... 515,700!!!!

This means I will be gaining amazing cash, not even including drops from monsters, rewards from clue scrolls, etc!


Just found a nice little glitch in RuneScape btw, lmao: