Sunday, August 3, 2008

NEW Plan

Well, I've been undecided about what to do, but I've finally made my mind up:
  • 80 crafting (Ruby Bracelets - Neitiznot)
  • 80 firemaking (Maples - Varrock)
  • 85 crafting (Ruby Bracelets - Neitiznot)
  • 70 runecrafting (Natures - Edge)
  • 90 crafting (Ruby Bracelets - Neitiznot)
  • SLAYER, SUMMONING, MELEE, TO 99 99 99!!! (Not a clue)
Yeah... last one is going to take like a year... but I won't get bored since I'll be moving around a lot. I should make a little bit of cash, off drops, and I will also get to explore RuneScape a lot.

So yeah, 99 attack, 99 strength, 99 defence, 99 hitpoints, at least 70 summoning, and 80 slayer.

I will need to get myself a slayer helmet, work out which slayer master to use, and also how to use and take advantage of this new system after Smoking Kills...

Edit: I think I understand the system, now I need to get access to the Elven Area (For clue scrolls) and Fairy Rings (For easy transportation)

So I'll need to get partly through Regicide and Fairy Tale Pt II.