Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fist of Guthix

After playing Fist of Guthix for a couple of hours, I've decided it is my favourite minigame. I love the way that low levels still have a good chance, and it is all about tactics. I also enjoy sneaking around the map, carefully staring at minimap for an arrow to pop up, then mage protect and run away.

I only had one issue, a pker who complained that I ran around a lot. I'll never understand this sort of thing, I am using game techniques to win? It's like in the old wilderness, people flamed because I DDS'ed... Calling me a "safer". Yeah, I am "safe'ing", I don't want to lose any cash!

I liked the variety of techniques in FoG. Unlike games like Pest Control, where there is one set tactic, and everyone assumes a role, FoG lets players choose exactly what they want to do. You can spend your time hiding on the outside, hoping not to be found, or you can go into the middle and last for as long as possible.

I enjoyed mixing up combat styles too. To mage when the opponent is far off, then quickly switch to a stronger, faster, melee weapon for the kill. Experts are easy to tell, as when you're hunting, you simply don't see them, and when you're being hunted, you only see them for a few seconds before you're dead!

I'm glad this was a clan event, although I didn't get to play anyone from clan, I saw a couple of people and said hello.