Friday, July 1, 2011

[BTS] July

Quite a few interesting items here.

Some more information on Clan Citadels, in that you'll: Perform a portal ritual to gain a huge, customisable and personalised area for your clan, and that features such as a Battlefield Editor to design your own battles and minigames, which actually sounds like an exciting idea, I'm looking forward to seeing if rewards etc are handled in a useful way.

As predicted, the area will be hotspot-based, with some skill-related, allowing clans to train together, but receiving slightly less xp. However, training here will contribute to improving the clan's citadel, which seems an excellent technique. Also, access to a clan ring can be earnt, which temporarily provides a 1.5x multiplier to certain skills' xp.

Most interestingly, the battlefield editor seems to allow obstacle courses, mazes, capture the flag games etc.

A surprising development, prompting players to move away from the "main" RuneScape world, and making the game much more clan based. This may be due to complaints about overcrowded training areas for many skills. The update may mean I'll have to find a place in a high level clan!

Quest: Salt in the Wound
The final quest in the Slug storyline, a great zombie-esque series based around Witchhaven so far. In this quest, you will face Mother Mallum (the Slug Queen) for a finale showdown. You will have support from Kennith, Ezekial and Eva who you will control at some point, but the queen will also have her own arsenal of weapons, and enemies. To assist you, you'll also have a mind-control disrupting serum, located somewhere inside Deamonheim. Requirements are:

- 60 Defence
- 50 Constitution
- 47 Herblore
- 45 Summoning
- 35 Dungeoneering

Jadinko Lair
A new area with skilling + combat opportunities, similar to the Living Rock Caverns. Jadinko babies, guards and males (levels 80, 86, and 91). The area, skill-wise, seems focussed on woodcutting, fletching and woodcutting, with level 83 in each seemingly required for the best rewards. Most interesting, the whip vine appears to improve the whip's stats, can deliver extra poison damage to targets, and an entirely new special attack!

Dwarven Army Axe
This tool, aimed at lower-level players, will be useful as a weapon, hatchet, pickaxe, needle, chisel, tinderbox.