Monday, July 11, 2011

Crafting Calcs

Talking to a friend whilst crafting earlier, he suggested I look into blue d'hide bodies, so here we go.

Leather Price: 1984
Body Price: 4560
Exp per body: 372
Loss per body: 1392
Gp / xp: 3.74

Leather Price: 2394
Body Price: 5424
Exp per body: 420
Loss per body: 1758
Gp / xp: 4.18

Also important to note that although the sacred clay needle lasts marginally longer on blue d'hide bodies (~50xp), the amount of bonus xp is less (21904 compared to green d'hide bodies' 22656). As such, the minimal increase in xp would be countered by more time spent at stealing creation, as well as the risks associated with using a less commonly traded resource / product.

Stick with green d'hide bodies, they're less loss and easier to buy & sell.