Monday, July 18, 2011


EDIT: Got the cape, increased profit tons. Yay. :)

A few things I need to do when I get 85 rc, as a break:

  1. Switch back to normal spellbook. Lunar is annoying.
  2. Get a regen brace, perhaps a better defence.
  3. Salt in the Wound quest, so I can complete Ardy Medium tasks.
  4. Guess. Finish Ardougne Medium Tasks, for the cape. (+15% runes at ZMI)

Also, as a side note, I need to watch some videos of Livid Farm training whilst I'm rc'ing, to try and get to grips with it. The Repair Rune Pouch spell would probably take me about 2/3rds of a day to unlock, but it means I can repair my pouches much faster, and they will now last 5x as long too. It's also a requirement for a Completionist cape, and I'll be making the required runes anyway.

Well done Trix, you convinced me to look into it. I hate you.