Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's Summary

Falador Tasks
Finally finished off the elite + hard tasks, and claimed my rewards for the entire set, which equalled 176kxp in a skill of my choice. Mostly used this in summoning, as the high xp lamps required 90+, but used all that I could on rc.

Completed a quest, one of the few Trix doesn't like, and enjoyed it a bit. Once my cat becomes overgrown, I'll be able to make him into a Lazy cat, and I'll name him then.

93 Crafting, it's going fairly quickly, it's rather dull and repetitive though, especially the sc games. Also, because the majority of my time is spent obtaining the sc needles, when I do actually craft, my rank / xp gains seem massive! This is my Runetracker page over the last week, with the crafting times circled.