Friday, July 15, 2011

Spirit Trees

I've had a few spirit seeds for.. years, since I got 99 woodcutting. I think it's time I finally actually set up some nice locations I can easily access.

Protection payment:
5x Monkey Nuts & 1 Monkey Bar (buy from Solihib's food stall on Ape Atoll)
Ground Suqah Tooth (Kill on Lunar Isles, use with Pestle + Mortat)

Port Sarim, Etceteria, Brimhaven.
Port Sarim + Brimhaven are pretty close to Glory teleports, and Etceteria is close to a fairy ring. I guess I'll plant it in Port Sarim, as I probably visit there most often. In all honesty though, I thought there would be more useful locations, since it requires lev 83 farming. Ah well, it'll do.

After Prisoner of Glouphrie quest, can plant 2 trees at once. I don't think I'll be doing that for some time, so I'll just get more payment items when needed.