Sunday, July 8, 2007

Attack finished

Yay! Got 80 attack, and it wasn't that hard either. Just going to get to 2m attack exp, then going to string 5k yew longs, then cut 5k yew longs, then string 5k yew longs! I have to string an extra 5k because I didn't finish my load last time. After that, I'll probably get 80 strength, but I'm not too sure what to use for it. I have to choose between Drag Long, Drag B-axe and DDS. I think D Long because it hits well, and pretty fast and has a nice special that can be used 4 times per special bar. Also, I thought I would upload a picture from a few months ago, about smithing dragon. Helm and plate had to be guessed, and I should really update it, but I'll just pop it up.

Click to enlarge.