Sunday, July 1, 2007


NOTE: This post was edited numerous times, so is not very well constructed.

Just downloaded a trial version of this flash effect creator called Mix-FX. Apparently I can use it to put some flash on here which would be pretty cool. Seems like I need a SWF file host and possibly to get a registration key since without it I can only get one effect. Could only find Zippy Videos to host it and it just goes wrong when I try them. Hmph.

Right, now I've got a hoster. (Zshare) I uploaded it but not too sure how to integrate it into my blog. It's hosted at:
I think what I need to do is get an actual URL for just the file, but how? Think I might have got it by looking through the source code. Click here to download it. Anyway, I still need to work out how to put it on here. Managed to find a tutorial for putting it on MySpace, that might work. Think I've got the HTML code now, but need a place to host it.

Looks like ImageShack will host it but only if I install their toolbar. Hmm

Rawwwrr! It's actually impossible! How can I upload it if none of them will give me a direct link to the file? Is that how you do it? I just don't know...