Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dragon Helm

Oo just got information from Runescape that a new Dragon, Mithril Dragon, will be released and will be an impressive level 300, so it will probably become one of (if not the) hardest monsters in the game since even bronzes and steels aren't easy at all! Also, this monster "will hold several interesting items in its treasure horde, not least the fabled dragon full helm." Finally! The dragon full helm is here, but it sounds nearly impossible to get, ah well, hopefully in a few months they'll be under 1m!
Off-Topic: Managed to get into the 4 subjects I wanted for GCSE:
  • ICT: Normal
  • ICT: Graphics
  • Economics
  • Spanish
Still off-topic: According to the Metro newspaper, Kylie Minogue will be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special and Catherine Tate will be the main female character in the next series! Eek! Rumour says Martha Jones will come back for the second half of the series and will be in Torchwood. Will be good to see how Catherine Tate does in a Drama instead of a comedy.