Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tum te tum OW

The post title does make sense if you read on! Just working my way through 75-80 strength. After 80 strength it's fletching from 94 all the way to 99. Eep. Going to be so ridiculously bored, 30k bows left to do! This is gonna be a fun summer holidays...

By the way, my simple technique for training melee is:
  • Go to level 3 of stronghold of security
  • Enter the first room, the level 50 spiders will auto-attack you.
  • When they stop (15 mins or so) go west to the next room.
  • Once you are in, go north and there will be more level 50 spiders that will auto-attack you for a while.
  • Once they stop, go back to the first room.
  • ETC.