Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The New Plan

Right, been talking it over with Baccannis, and this is the plan for the next few tasks:
  • Finish stringing (Only about 1.5k left)
  • String 1k flax into bowstrings
  • Cut and string another 5k yew longs
  • Choose between stringing another 14k flax or getting 75-80 strength
I think I'll choose stringing, but it all depends on how I feel after doing 1k. If I'm bored already, then I'll do melee, but that was my last task, so that seems unlikely. Ho hum. Also not too sure whether to string at Seers or Lumbridge.

Mm yeah, and there's this little kid at school called Adam Tripp, just to let you know he's an absolute DICKWAD. His habbo name is master.t.99 and his MSN is